May 31, 2007

Fun at the Fair

So last night I ditched out on cycling class and headed to the uptown Whittier street fair with Katie, Maddie, and Delaney. Maddie started off the night with non-stop bouncing. It was funny when Katie told her she had to be nice to the other kids, and to tell Sarah what she told them last time...*Maddie waving her arms* "Get out kids! Get out!" (or something to that extent. haha)

After a few rounds in the castle bounce house we walked around, looked at rings, jewelery, trashy people (there were quite a few out last night) smelled some delicious handmade soaps and ate some overpriced pulled pork sandwiches. Delaney was, as usual, perfectly content in her car seat.

This was her the whole night.

Katie stopped and talked about herbs (she said I'll understand when I get my own place with room to plant) Randy was on a hunt for cookies (Dave and Randy are too much alike) and I was on the hunt for fresh fruit (the wedding is fast approaching people!)

After a bag of homemade cookies, a basket of stawberries, cherries, and some helpful "worm juice" information on making herbs grow best we were on our way home. Good times.



Katie Jackman said...

we did have fun. Thanks for sending me the pictures. I think it's so funny the way you write. Is it wrong that I like reading your version of last night better?

Dave said...

NIce, sounds like you guys had a good time. But it sounds a little too healthy for me. I like the way Randy thinks, COOOOOOOOKIE'S! Mmm... That sounds sooo good right now

King Klan said...

ok i will never like to garden it's not in my blood i avoid gardening like the plag so i hope you do take to it like katie