May 3, 2007

I did it...

I bought my wedding dress! I went to a really nice lady's house in Trabuco Canyon who sells modest dresses out of her home. She actually had quite a few, and all the ones I wanted to try on that I had seen in her catalog. My mom, Aunt Chrissy and Katie (and I cant forget Delaney) went with me. Katie has always said, you'll probably end up buying the one you wouldn't think you'd like. What do you know, my best friend was right. Not that I didn't like it, but I never thought a semi-dropped waist would work with my figure. Wrong. It looks good, (and with more gym time, hopefully will look even better)! If you're close to me, you know that I suffer from self diagnosed decision anxiety. Haha...but I didn't have as much trouble as I thought i would. Maybe that's a good thing, a sign that its the right one cause I picked it pretty easily. Anywho, its a done deal, one more thing to check off my list, and the more I think about it all, the more excited I get!