May 28, 2007

I'm sorry

So I have to agree with Katie's latest blog when I say I've been a terrible blogger! I don't have any pictures to post, so I feel like there's nothing to blog about. But hey, maybe some of you out there read what I have to say even without pictures...right?? So I've had a completely relaxing and pretty much un-eventful memorial weekend. It consisted of sleeping in, which is a regular occurrence now anyways, some last time PCH (because that chili cheese dog I LOVE probably takes up my 2,000 calorie allotment for one whole day, and I'm in wedding mode, so there can't be any more of that), and some HGTV with Dave.
I'm feeling slightly behind on some wedding plans, aso this week I need to accomplish some stuff like finalizing bridesmaids dresses plans, talk to the decorator, come to a final decision on the reception building, and make some invitation progress. I also got a job offer! I'm gonna go meet with them on Wednesday and talk the important stuff. It sounds great. With no traffic its about 5 minutes from Dave's and even less from the apartment we want...I'm stoked, so hopefully all goes well! Well, I'm fading fast in front of the computer so I'm off to bed. (these lazy days are so draining you know!!)


Katie Jackman said...

Well, we will both do better. Let's get together soon. If you need help with wedding stuff, that's what i'm here for.

Dave said...

WOW. Its about dang time you wrote again. I was beginning to wonder what was going on in your life! So thanks for bringing me up to speed!!

Sarah said... you're not up to speed?? You're the one I'm always with! haha

King Klan said...

me to on the helping with the wedding congrats on the job i hope its great.