June 29, 2009

i know, i know

it's been a while. i guess it just seems like i don't really have anything to blog about lately! but then when i really think about it, there's always something! life has been the norm. work, make dinner, clean up, watch tv, sleep, repeat. haha. the school year ended last week for me (thank goodness, the kids were going crazy!) and now we're into summer camp mode. despite some injuries in our first week, things are going fine. dave is busy working. this past weekend we went to lucky strike with a group of couples from our ward and their friends. it was so much fun! i am so glad to be getting to know these couples better, because they are all so awesome! and now that we're in the ward for the long haul, i don't have to worry about where we'll be for good...because we're here! i do hope we can all get together again very soon!

other than that, i'm just anxiously awaiting some vacations this summer. i get a short get-away to utah in july for melodie's wedding. then my birthday. then off to this place...among others! i seriously CANNOT wait!!! so pretty much i'm just counting down the days until my vacations start!

June 19, 2009


this gem.
We gave up our Verizon bubble, and all the perks (ok, 1 perk...free Verizon:Verizon calls) that came with it.
I'm not sure how I lived without this pocket full of amazingness for so long.

June 12, 2009


Dave and I just had a great evening! It was one of those nights with nothing on the calendar. I came home to Dave cleaning up in the garage, and I quickly jumped into the swing of things by tidying up the kitchen and rearranging the patio furniture. We jetted out to grab some dinner and go to Smart & Final, and, if time permitted...my favorite spot EVER...Target. Well, we sailed thru S&F, chowed down at Red Robin, and then scooted over to Target in Tustin where, they now have extended hours!! It was supposed to be a simple trip. Some all purpose cleaner, votives, a new kitchen dish brush, you know, the typical.

But as it sometimes happens, this night was not just any Target night! It was one of those nights where you walk out with WAY more than you had planned...and it all happens to be either exactly what you've needed all along or on sale. Or both!

Good thing we took the truck because we hauled home a new desk & hutch for the office (on sale!) and I got some sweet pillows for the couch (one of which had a teeny stain on, so I got $3 off. Never hurts to ask.) I'm stoked!! So as I type I can hear the sound of the drill as Dave sits upstairs putting it all together!
I'll post pics in the morning light.
P.S. The birdies were gone the next morning. I told Dave to leave them outside so the momma bird could maybe feed them. When we woke up the box he set them in was tipped over and they were gone. The nest wasn't disturbed though...so maybe mommy bird came and saved them? (that'll be my way of thinking they're in a happy place).

June 8, 2009


The hutch.
It's done, and ready for it's big reveal!

Remember it before?

I'm so excited to get stuff in & on it and dress this cutie up!

June 6, 2009

Birdie birdie in the sky, please don't turdy in my eye

(dave picked the post title today)

We just became parents of two. Two baby hummingbirds that it.
As Dave was cutting down a dead little tree in our backyard, he pokes his head at the kitchen window and says 'Now I know why the hummingbird has been humming around me for a while now'. Turns out just as he's about to throw the branches in the trash, he spots a little nest.
In it layed these two little peeps.
I was so sad! We didn't mean to displace your babies Mrs. Hummingbird, please forgive us!!

So i say to Dave, what do we do? "We raise them as our own". haha. I laughed, but I kinda think Dave was serious because now they are in a box, in their nest, on our dining room table. (Personally I think outside is better, because then the mamma could find them.) BUT, it started raining...

I have no idea what to do next. I'll keep you posted on our two new little birdies.