August 30, 2011

One of those mornings

sometimes it's OK to lounge around in your PJ's and spend the morning watching TV.
(and shelbs thinks curtis stone isn't bad to look at either...)

August 29, 2011

my thankful list {1st ed.}

I have to give credit where credit is due. My lovely friend Whitney writes an "especially grateful for" post each week. Well, with a lot of time sitting and just 'being' with my little love, I've had many moments to reflect on what and who I'm grateful for in my life. So here's to new traditions.
today i'm thankful for...

1. A husband who this weekend morning took the baby and let me catch up on a few hours of much needed sleep.
2. Swiffer dusters. They make a necessary task almost fun.
3. The vibrating/swinging/noise making swing that puts my baby to sleep.
4. The time the above mentioned swing gives me to shower/put in laundry and sometimes take a nap.

5. Being home to prepare dinners at a decent hour.
6. A sister & brother in law who we enjoy sharing meals and time with.
7. Cold ice water. I just can't seem to get enough of it!
8. A dog that actually let me (kind-of) brush his teeth today.
9. Shelby having wonderful, local Grandparents that love her and can't wait to see her.
10. That my wedding ring fits again after being pregnant. I keep looking at it and am glad to have it on my finger.

Thanks Whit for the inspiration to take some time and be thankful for specific things in my life.

August 28, 2011

Who doesn't love Costco?

I mean really, isn't it the best? The prices, the quantity, the samples! I love that I can get toilet paper, chicken breasts, order glasses and then grab a frozen yogurt on the way out!

I decided I wanted to try their photo's on canvas to put up in our house. I've heard that they are nice, and for a totally affordable price. SO, I ordered up two canvases. (I admit, I have a hard time committing to things being hung on the walls. Or, I end up changing my mind or style too soon after I hang something up.) So I figured that these would be pretty timeless and could even be moved around the house when I change up my decor.
I'm pretty pleased, and a little less nervous to start putting more up around the house. After over two years, it's about time, right?!

August 25, 2011

My day in pictures

Took the car to get an oil change, then Dave and I had lunch here...
Went to my in-laws and met up with my sis-in-law and Coco. Started to work on some crafty projects and made these...
Came home, and finally got little miss to take a nap. She is still in this...
Since I had a quick church meeting at my house, we got lazy and Dave grabbed dinner. I ate my Big Mac and am catching up on blog reading...

Now I'm going to put on PJ's and hopefully put little lady to bed. Dave has a project to "hang" and I'm excited to show it to you tomorrow!

August 24, 2011

Dave Approved

I've been waiting over a week to make this recipe I saw on Kelsey's Essentials (on Cooking
Channel). I am a lover of Mac & Cheese.
I make a homemade one that's my Mom's recipe, and surprise...Dave likes it!
For those of you who don't know Dave, he can be, well...hard to please. He's a minimalist with food. How minimal you may ask? Let me elaborate...

No marinades.
No fancy sauces.
Hamburgers= Meat, cheese & bun only.
No weird veggies.
No salad. Except Caesar.
No condiments.
Bananas and avocados should not exist.
Nothing that can get "mushy".
And always add salt.

So when I come across something new, I always make Dave give it the good ol' college try. If he hates it, well, I'm sadly left to only make it for myself from then on. BUT when he likes it...I FEEL SO PROUD! Tonight, I was hesitant for him to try the Mac & Cheese. I, on the other hand was super excited. The moment of truth came. He took a few bites, I resisted asking too quickly what he thought. Finally I couldn't hold back.
S: "What do you think?"
D: " I never want to have another mac & cheese again"
S: "??Huh??"
D: "Yeah, it's pretty flippin good."
S: "YES!"

And with that, skillet mac and cheese has become a new Dave approved recipe that can make it's way into our meal rotation. Sweet success.

August 21, 2011


I'm missing the days when I carried a purse, and stuffed it full of all MY things.
Yes, minimalism by carrying only Burts Bee's chapstick and C-Thru Lip Glass by MAC make things simple.
But I hate being stuck with chapped hands and no lotion.
And going to grab a pen and realizing I don't have one.
Or wanting to write a check, and not having my check book.
I do however have gripe water, a burp rag and some extra teeny tiny socks...

August 11, 2011

One month already?

I can't believe it's been one whole month since this little lady came into our lives. Of course I had to showcase some of the people who love her lots...her family! She is one loved little girl. And we are two lucky parents.

Of course life since Shelby has come into our home has been different, but in a great way. Yes, less sleep is taxing, and the tummy aches and crying that recently started can be hard to get through, but that adorable face, chubby cheeks and big eyes make it all worthwhile! And right now, she is (thank goodness!) sleeping in her swing, on full vibration to the sound of rain with birds chirping. Whatever works, right? We have yet to master the art of napping. Although she desperately needs them, she wakes up so quickly if i put her in her crib during the day. Night time: no biggie. She even slept 5 hours straight last night. But daytime...apparently that's a whole different matter.

I have recovered really well. The whole process was SO much better, and can I even say, easier, than I had imagined? Of course my pain meds were very helpful for a week or two! My wonderful Mom came and stayed for the week after we came home. She was SUCH a pleasure to have around! She made coping with my new reality easier. Not to mention she cleaned, did laundry, let me nap and made my meals! I'm wondering if she wants to come back and stay again, just for kicks?!
After being cooped up in the hospital before and for her birth, getting out and about was something I had been looking forward to for a month. I am glad to say we are now out on the town, have gone to the RSM beach club, Dr. appointments, had lunch with Daddy, and made a good handful of Target trips already. Now if I can only catch a break from some crying to throw in some laundry and do my hair. Welcome to Mommyhood i guess!