May 16, 2007


It's way too early to be functioning. I'm sitting at the schools library passing time because I finished my biology final and don't have anything to do until my art final in an hour. But back to bio...I was dreading it more than any other final, and its all done! Whoopee! I hope I did ok, cause I totally blanked at the last section, which always happens to be the part worth the most points. Go figure. Oh, and I was almost late for it too. I set my alarm for six, thinking the final was a 7:30, but as I hit my snooze button, I remembered i should have gotten up at 5:00 instead. So I text my classmate, and i was right. 7:00 final. I haven't left my house that fast in a long time! Needless to say, my hair is crazy, my face is make-up less, and I'm in sweats. haha.
Well, graduation is almost here. I'm down to counting single digit days. I knd of feel like a kid, like when I knew we were going to Disneyland, and I'd get really excited as it got closer, and then the night before I'd toss and turn cause i was so anxious....or was that just me?

So lately, I have the urge to shop. It happens about once a month. I get the itch to stop by the mall, and see what I can find...and then it happens. Just browsing at Forever 21 turns into two new shirts at American Eagle, candles and Illuminations, new makeup at Sephora (which can get dangerous) a smoothie at some random smoothie bar, and me dashing home to work. Then after work a stop at Old Navy turns up a new necklace, a pair of shorts, and an adorable baithing suit cover up halter dress for the honeymoon. And I'm not satisfied. I do believe its a disorder. An uncontrollable shopping disease I guess you could say...Cause' I still want to find a bathing suit, get a new pair of jeans, tops for my church skirts, some new jewelery, some shorts, and stuff from Pour Le Bain in uptown. Not to mention I'm running low on perfume. Do they have support groups for this stuff? If so, it would be great if they met at the mall, kill two birds with one stone, ya know?


Jillian said...

dont worry! I think I have the same disorder! Yesterday I went to the mall to get a gift, and I ended up getting a neclace and 2 rings at F21 and new shoes, and no gift! I need the meetings too!

Katie Jackman said...

Well don't feel too bad. Every woman has that disorder. Soon I wont be able to afford that disorder. AHHH!