June 4, 2007

Go Angels!...and Go Red Robin!

Last night Dave and I double dated with his friend Kevin and his date Lauren at an Angels game. I hadn't been to one yet this season, so I was excited to go. I ended up taking random pictures for a chunk of the game trying out my camera and new options I didn't know it had. I especially like the continuous shot...very good for kids, and as I found out baseball games as well. But I think the zoom was a bit too much for the shots cause they came out kinda blurry.
Oh well...I'll keep playing with it till' I get better.
After the game we went to Red Robin (because we all know how overpriced stadium food is) which was my second time in one day. Tisk tisk bad Sarah. But can I just go on the record and say I am in LOVE with their fries with ranch?!
Yeah, pretty much amazing.
Anywho...here are some shots I took.


Melissa said...

Yeah for Angels! I love going to the Angels game!