May 14, 2007

My week in a nutshell

So another weekend has come, and gone. I don't understand how they go by so fast! It was a good week though. On Thursday I had an interview for a company I talked to at my college's job fair. I was pretty nervous, but it went great! The interviewers seemed pretty impressed by me, and I have a second interview next week for a full time supervisor position. I ended up taking the rest of Thursday off, and so did Dave, so we went to Laguna Beach had lunch and walked around. I had such a good time just being with him, and especially when we're just relaxing or doing something fun. It was so nice to be down at the beach and have nothing to do all day. This weekend was pretty productive too. I fit in a much needed car wash (being with Dave makes me feel guilty about how long I put off car washes), a study session for Biology, some Red Robin fries (yum!) a few days of sleeping in, and a nap. While at Red Robin, Rachel got clucks and fries, and one of the clucks looked like a fetus...gross, yes, but it was hilarious. Not only because it really did look like a fetus...but because Leslie is pregnant, and they had been looking up fetus pictures online earlier. Maybe you just had to be there...Tomorrow also kicks off...FINALS WEEK! The only reason I'm excited is because this is the last time I will ever take finals. I graduate on Saturday! No more worrying about grades, no more giving up time with Dave for studying, no more papers, projects, tests. The end. My best friend Katie is throwing me a grad party on Saturday too. She's the best. She even made the invites, which were paisley print and adorable.

I've been thinking alot about the future. All that it holds, what it'll be like, the worries, the excitement, paint colors for the apartment, bedroom know, the typical stuff. I'm just so excited! The plans are coming along great. I was a little bit of a stresscase a month ago or so, but I feel so much more at ease about everything. Things are just falling into place. Graduation is here, job offers are coming to both Dave and I...I feel blessed. I know that if we continue to do the right things and take it as it comes, everything will work out.


King Klan said...

Yeah you are almost done! I'm so proud of you. You were able to do something I never will and that is awsome. I can't wait for your party it is going to be much fun! Good luck this week.

Katie Jackman said...

Yes your party will be fun!!!! ha ha!! Anyway congrats. I'm so happy for you. So many wonderful things are happening. graduation, job, marriage. woo hoo.

Dave said...

i love the fetus. that is awesome.