April 18, 2012

Easter basket goodness

Easter this year was fun on a new level, and obviously because of a certain little someone. We dashed off to church after a small Mommy fail. I returned her original Easter dress because it was too big, only to find another one that was like 75% off at Baby Gap, so I got that one. Onlyproblem was I never tried it on her, and it ended up hanging dangerously low in the front, completely baby inappropriate. (she was showing a little too much baby chest). So I scrapped dress #2, and just grabbed something from her closet.
Church, or at least sacrament, was very nice. It'll be SO nice when we can make it all 3 hours! We napped, and then let Shelby have at her Easter basket. It was fun to see her reaction to new things, and just hold them and not want to pick up the next one because then she'd have to let go of the other one. So naturally, the only photos we snapped were of her. And one bad, take it yourself photo of our family. Next year I'll be more with it!

April 17, 2012

{9 months}

Ah, the good old monthly update. More for me than you, I'm sure, but fun to recap none the less! If I thought last month brought about changes, this stage is blowing everything else out of the water! Daily Shelby is changing, and even between starting this draft two days ago, there are more milestones to add! Being will Shelbs is so much fun. We have a grand ole time together. She sits like a big girl in shopping carts, we play, we cuddle, we laugh and sometimes she sings along in the car. Kinda.

  • We have teeth! Two bottom ones to be exact. Vegas weekend they popped through, and I've since watched (and felt...OUCH) them grow.
  •   Your love for the melt in your mouth puff went from so-so, to full fledged I actually try to chew it with my gums. That happened last night to be exact.
  • You started crawling last week. You went from rolling, to scooting to crawling in what seemed like a day!
  • When you get tired of scooting around, you lean on your right arm, with it stretched underneath you, and pose. Adorable.
  • Who still wears size 0-3mo. Shoes? This girl.
  •  You finally say MaMaMaMa. For which I thank you :)
  • You have an obsession with cords. Especially apple product ones. iPad, iPhone, you find it.
  • Sometimes you get showy Mac hold your bottle with just one hand.
  • You sat on the Easter Bunnys lap, and didn't cry.
  • Twice this week you have "waved" at the gym employees as we leave. Tonight you waved at Grandma, she was happy :)
  •  We had to lower your crib. When I came into your room to be met by you propped up, babbling and slapping the railings, I knew it was time.
  • If there's a shoe on the floor, you will find it and suck on it.

April 6, 2012

My forever 'Good Friday'

Good Friday has a special meaning to me. Not for any of the reasons it may hold for others though. Good Friday will forever be the day Dave proposed. It truly was a 'good Friday' for me! Now I'm not one to remember any anniversaries besides our wedding, but this one's kinda easy, and it's a good story :)

Let me recap the proposal, in case any of you have not had the pleasure of hearing it.
It was a typical date night. I went to Dave's parents in Orange where we met and were going to go to Ruby's on the HB Pier. The day wasn't a date of any special kind. Ruby's bore no important significance to our relationship, in fact, quite the opposite, we had never been to that location together before. He didn't pick me up. I wasn't dressed up for a fancy night on the town. He hadn't washed his car (big Dave deal). We were going to look at rings (again) the next day. This night, according to Dave, was supposed to appear so "typical" that I wouldn't have the slightest idea of what was coming.
Except for two things.
1. He was wearing new shoes. For Dave, that was just a tad odd. He hated new shoes.
2. He wore cologne. I could smell it when we hugged. He never wears cologne.

We went to Rubys. He ordered a burger, plain, fries, and a coke. I wanted an appetizer, so I ordered mozzarella sticks. The rest of the meal I don't recall. I do recall that Dave went upstairs to use the restroom, and was gone for what seemed awhile. He paid, we left. We walked back down the pier, heading to the car.

We didn't have any special plans, nothing to do after, nowhere to go. As we reached the end of the pier, Dave paused and we looked at the waves. It was dark, so we couldn't see much, so I turned to keep walking. Dave paused again, and said something that came out really cheesy and not like Dave, saying we should stay a minute longer and look at the pretty ocean. I looked at him, laughed, and said "let's go". Then he just stopped, and stared. He didn't do anything, just stood there looking at me, in a weird way, with a weird smirk. Finally, I think I said, this is weird, can we go now?! Not yet, he said, and started to pull a little box out of his pocket. I think I had known it was coming, but got so freaked out that it was happening. He pulled the box out of his pocket, reached towards me, and suddenly he fumbled the ring, and I watched it fall, as in slow motion, over the pier and land on a tiny ledge beyond the railing. My eyes went wide, and he went to carefully grab it. Except, his foot quickly slid near it, and nudged it over the edge and into the dark. I watched the box, open, fall into the night, and I could see the ring sparkle as it fell. Dave stood there, saying nothing. I took one look at him, and declared that this wasn't funny, and that I wanted to go home.

He started nervously laughing and said "Wait, I have the real one right here". He reached into his inner jacket pocket and pulled out a white box, and opened it up. Inside was the exact ring we had looked at the week before, the exact ring I had said I liked, and how I would turn it from a diamond band into a wedding ring. He had been tricky, he had been sneaky, he had been simple (and he had apparently thrown up when he went to the bathroom) all in an attempt to fool me, and it almost worked :) There was no one kneed proposal, and I don't remember anything after those moments other than saying yes (that, and that it was Good Friday). And that's pretty much all that matters.

Because I can't find our "freshly engaged" photo, this will have to do. Circa May 2007.