October 12, 2008

My semi-impromptu, and totally-worth-every-minute-of-it weekend

I took friday off, as posted earlier. boy, i am glad i did!
friday morning i spent sleeping in and reading a book. when i finally got myself up and ready i drove into whittier and met katie and the girls at costco. we had lunch & i picked up a great o'neil hoodie for dave. later that evening, katie and i hit up target. ahhhh, i love that place! katie got alot of cute kid clothes on sale. then we headed to shawnelle's baby shower! it was great to see alot of people i grew up around, and the baked potato bar totally hit the spot on a cool fall evening.
sidenote: i'm SO happy that its finally fall weather!!
ok, then after the shower we decided that to ring in the fabulous weather, we needed to shop for katies house and decorate it for fall. we went to marshalls, then over to target, and finally hit up ralphs on the way home for some gourds, pumpkins, and tall wheat in fall colors to go in vases. like true whittier style, i ran into an old friend at ralphs and had a nice chat.
while we were out and about i decided that since dave wasn't even going to be around on saturday (taking the jeep up to big bear to rock crawl) that i shouldn't even bother going home! he was on board, and katie and i were SO excited!
we picked up contact solution and i slept in maddie's bottom bunk. it was so unexpected and totally fun! i'll spare you all the details of saturday, but staying over was so worth it! i got to...
- go out to breakfast with katie, randy and kids
- get a pedi
- browse cost plus world market
- see Shawnelle randomly one more time
- visit with isaac and see the house he bought
- grab a delish caramel apple cider
- meet up with gladys
- go back and get a sweater katie got and i wanted
- talk to juddy
- just be in whittier! it's nice to come "home".
like i told isaac, being back in town made me totally miss it! he looked at me, laughed, and said "you probably only like it so much once your back to visit because it's not where you live anymore". i think he's right. after living somewhere a while it can loose it's magic. but there's nothing better than the feeling of coming back to your old stomping ground and feeling totally at home.

October 7, 2008

this just in.

I'm taking Friday off.
As someone who works full time, i think that knowing your week is going to end a day sooner might be the best feeling ever!
I think a morning of sleeping in, maybe a pedi, and then heading to Whittier to spend time with Katie and go to Shawnelle's baby shower is my plan.

On another note, i'm currently wrapped up in The Boleyn Inheritance.
I read The Other Boleyn Girl and was captivated.
I mean, literally couldn't get away from the book into it kind of captivated .

If your the kind of person who doesn't mind a little old fashion raunchiness, and alot of deceit and drama, then i highly recommend these reads.

So question? Anything you recommend for when i'm done with this one??

October 3, 2008

l.o.v.e. i.t.

i read this book to the kinders at my center today...and my eyes welled up with tears.

i mean, i've read this book many a time, and today it just got to me. it gets me every time, but usually not to the point of coming to tears in front of the kiddos. we had a discussion at the end and i asked why the tree was so happy if she had no branches, no apples, and no trunk? one girl said "because she loves him". i totally melted. i want to get a copy of this book for each of the kids and everyone i know.

October 1, 2008

enjoy the silence

sometimes i miss the nights at home when i lived with my parents. the nights when i sauntered in well past midnight, probably from Johns house where our friends had either: a. watched t.v. and given our own commentary on shows like DWTS while eating fast food, or b. sat and talked about nothing and laughed until our stomachs hurt, again, eating food. it was in those moments when i would plop down on the chair at the computer, somehow not tired, and browse for some new clothes, blog about the funny night we had, or im with friends who were at their computer doing the exact same thing. in those silent moments at my parents, with the only light being the computer screen, i would love being completely alone.
right now is one of those moments. dave went to bed. (i think he gets bored when i check out and focus on something else besides tv and it's past 10). he told me to come too, but i lingered. now it's dark. the only light is the computer screen and some yum smelling fall-ish candles my mom brought me (always the bearer of candles...and i'm always accepting!). i'll cave in a minute and go to bed too. there's something about him falling asleep before me that i'm not a fan of. but for right now, i'm enjoying the sound of a keyboard and nothing else.