April 18, 2010

"Hey Sarah, look what I found!"

As Dave was taking out the trash, he yells "Sarah, come check this out!" I made my way outside, to find Dave with a flashlight and really eager to show me his "find".
He flashes the light on this bad mamma.

SERIOUSLY?! I did a spider dance, let out a little scream and told him "get rid of it! Kill it!"
Dave got what any man on a mission to kill a huge black widow would.
A can of WD-40 and a lighter. haha.
But when I got back from getting the camera and Dave got back from gathering his tools to kill, it was gone! It must have known it's fate, and crawled back into the cable and phone box. Well, we're smarter than any spider, so Dave unscrewed the covers, and there she was. Dave flicked it out, and hit it to the ground.

The rest of the story went up in flames. Don't mess with the Andersons!

April 14, 2010

window update...

Update: The windows are still bare. After multiple trips to Target, a visit to Ikea, looking on Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware's websites, and SO many others, i have yet to find "them". The ones that I did find (and had my eye on for a long time) went on sale at West Elm.com and are now sold out! *sob sob*

So the search continues.....

April 5, 2010

feeling the need for privacy

No, i'm not going private. But my large sliding glass door and kitchen window are in need of some privacy. We've lived here over a year, and all but these two windows have been properly dressed. I guess it's because
A. I wanted to do the living room right the first time and i've been putting it together little by little, but it's been a slow process.
and B. I don't go into that room too much at night. It's not seen from my main living area.
Which really, seems so weird to me. Growing up I had a fear of windows without coverings. Case in point, Katie's house. Her family room was a wall of large sliding glass doors, with a hide-a-bed looking right out it where we would sleep when i stayed over, and a HUGE DARK backyard looming outside. I was so scared to sleep in there!
SO, i need something to cover it up! I'm stuck on the kitchen window most of all.
Exhibit 1.

And also, the living room window needs help, but that will be an easier task...
Exhibit 2.

I want something to make it pop, give it some personality, and add color. I want a fun fabric, patterned, but that can work with other things, like dishtowels, and the adjoining living room... but nothing that will go out of style too fast... i need some help! Any links? photo ideas? Show me your ideas my creative blogging friends!

Many thanks!