February 7, 2011

From two....

to three...
The time has come that our Anderson family of two is expanding!
We will be welcoming a little one in July (July 23rd is the due date)
Now to answer all the commonly asked questions:
...I'm feeling great actually! Besides being really fatigued the first trimester, I've been very lucky so far to have not been sick (knock on wood).
...I'm 16 weeks.
...No, we don't know what we're having yet. But yes, we will find out soon.
...Yes, we're excited! And so are the families! The 'reality' of it hasn't really sunk in yet though. I mean, yes, I've heard a heartbeat and seen the ultrasounds, BUT I haven't felt sick, and I haven't felt it kick, and I'm not rocking a 'real' baby bump just yet.
So there you have it, i've officially put it out there in the blogging world. How official of me...