April 29, 2007

Let The Blogging Begin

Well, here I am, writing my first blog! I wont lie, I'm pretty excited to get into this blogging thing. I love Saturday nights, where I can lay around till the wee hours of the morning uploading pictures, perusing the Internet and reading bride magazines. Basically anything that doesn't involve school work or anything remotely productive. Tonight was a good night, or day actually. I drug Dave to the Laguna Beach Art Museum so I could spend some time experiencing the galleries and gather info for my art class. When i said "Lets hit the road", he replied with "Those are the most wonderful words you've ever said". What a trooper he is. Then tonight, (drum roll please)...our parents met. We went with his family and ate at El Torito. I think it went pretty well. Later we did a late night Target run with Leslie and David. A new reach floss brush, nail polish and some fabric softener later we headed home and then I fell asleep in Dave's lap watching HGTV. My kind of day. On Thursday we stopped by an apartment complex in Tustin and took a look at a two bedroom. We liked it and the unbeatable price so much, we filled out an application! That's when it started feeling real. I've been mentally decorating the place ever since. I can see it now, the paint, the furniture, a black and red bedroom...I'm crossing my fingers we get in by later summer so we can spruce it up and be ready to go by the time we're hitched. So all in all, its been a good week!