July 21, 2010

We have...

Tonight at the Anderson residence we have:

- Fed the missionaries dinner, and were done and cleaned up by 6:15
(quite an accomplishment in our full time working home)

- Dug out plants in the process of Dave replacingbroke sprinkler valves.

- Attempted to re-plant these plants elsewhere.
Only to decide we didn't like them there...

- Berries. A ton and a half of them. They drop at an incredible rate.
It's a little out of control

We also have lovely across the street neighbors who are selling their home :(
The positive side of this: You now have the chance to be OUR neighbors! If we have to loose good neighbors, we are now on the hunt to find our own new ones!

We could BBQ together, ride down the street on our motorized wheelchair, play tennis together at the neighborhood courts, watch Modern Family on Wednesday nights, get each others mail while we're away, borrow cups of sugar...the possibilities are endless people! So if you, or anyone else are interested...
go here (address is 17 Pima Ct. RSM 92688)
It really is the chance of a lifetime. We're pretty awesome :)
And we fairly regularly blast Journey, ZZ Top or The Doobie Brothers at rather loud levels from our living room...

July 18, 2010

Waterfall and some BBQ

For the last week, Dave has been Sport Fishing in Waterfall Alaska.
While I totally missed him, it was great to hear that he had a good time with the men in the family and enjoyed their quality time together.

And even though I don't like fish, we now have a freezer full of it!
I see some salmon on the BBQ in our future...and maybe, maybe, i can make some fish tacos (which i'll eat!)

Last night we had a lovely Lucilles BBQ dinner with these fine folks! As always, i enjoyed the BBQ ribs, and I had a great time chatting, talking decor with Emily, driving around Tustin...quickly :) and complaining about the server who kept asking for 2nd and 3rd times if we were sure we wanted refills on biscuits.
(Note to servers: When a customer asks for more biscuits, don't not bring them for 20 minutes, then come back and say "You still want those biscuits?" because YES...we would still like them!)

It's nice to have Dave back. I missed my housemate :)

July 10, 2010

A (not) short & sweet Saturday

Today was busy, and long. I know this because my contacts are blurry and dry. And my eyelids are very, very heavy.
But first i'll backtrack...
The 4th was a great weekend. Much relaxing was done. And falling asleep to the sound of the ocean can make one feel really spoiled. (So much that the the first night's sleep back home was a restless one). This is our only photo...and only thanks to Whitney!

Today was a good day.
Nordstrom previewing
some light house cleaning
a pedicure
a long, productive date with Target
and a beach bonfire for our friend Lauren's birthday

All in all, i'm beat! I'm off to bed, because i'm literally falling asleep as I type.
Tomorrow and Monday will hopefully give me some good blogging material.
Until then!

July 2, 2010

The tradition continues

Happy 4th of July weekend!
Dave and I are happy to be spending our weekend in San Clemente.
I rang in the 4th by making it a 4 day weekend, running errands and taking advantage of the beautiful city I live in, but miss out on by working all day.
We had a great dinner with the Schillings (we <3 you guys!) and are now settled in and doing a little late night TV watching.
Hopefully this weekend will include: (not in any particular order)
1. Working on my tan. 2. Making some fab cookies! 3. Sleeping. 4. Listening to the sound of waves. 5. Spending time with family and friends. 6. Napping. 7. Visiting a favorite store of mine: Luxe. 8. Relaxing

Also, if you haven't been over to Life In the Fun Lane, go check out Holly's blog!
It's a great showcase of great transformations she makes to all types of furniture. And new to
her blog is Fresh Coat Fridays!
A tribute to pieces of furniture transformed by fellow bloggers.
Today, my hutch made it's first featured debut!

Have a fun & safe Holiday! I know we will!