May 6, 2007

Today was a good day...

We went to a BBQ today at Katie and Randy's. It's always great to spend time with friends. While we were there we had some good burgers and we snapped a few pictures. I've decided I wish I had kids, because they're a great photo opportunity pretty much all the time. But until then, I'll use Katies. haha.
Maddie and I.

Dave took this while Delaney was all smiles. She is seriously the cutest thing ever!!

The tulips were pretty, even though their days are numbered. And you can see Katie and Delaney in the background.

Maddie took this all by herself! I'd say she did a pretty good job on her first attempts at picture taking.
After the BBQ Dave and I went to my house for a nap (I LOVE afternoon naps!). Then we went to the Jackmans to watch the fight...which was annoying cause I wanted De La Hoya to win, but whatever. Oh, and we booked our photographer earlier in the day. They're photojournalistic, which is what I wanted because I love well captured candids. And photos aren't cheap, so its hard to get quality on a budget. I'm really excited about it because they're a place I've been eyeing ever since I started planning, and I got them!


Katie Jackman said...

Wasn't the fight irritating? What great pictures you took. We really enjoyed spending the day with you guys. We need to do that more often.

King Klan said...

Ok so your photographers look great. I'm excitied to watch what they do Im always looking for something new. And I'm so excitied for you and dave. Your wedding is going to be great!