June 23, 2012

{11 Months}

Holy cow, my baby girl is growing up. Her first birthday is 3 weeks away, and I'm kind of sad about it. While all her milestones and growth are an absolute joy to be a part of, watching her loose some of those baby characteristics is sad. Somehow I feel like parts of her infancy I either didn't capture well enough (film, photo & journaling), while other parts of me feel like those moments just fly by so fast you're bound to loose pieces of them to time. Either way I'm left feeling like I didn't embrace something good enough that I'll never get back. BUT, I do have my trusty monthly updates! So without throwing any more of a parental pity party, onward with Shelby as a big 11 monther!

•She eats (some) big people food now. Favorites include bananas, bread of all types and berries. Dislikes include cheese, watermelon and avocado.

•Still only sporting 2 bottom teeth. Someone said that the later teeth come in, the stronger and more healthy they are. So I'll hope for that.

• Mama & Dada can often be said on request.

•No walking yet. I don't see it in our immediate future either. She seems content to crawl, scoot along furniture and simply stand.

•Her favorite places to hurry to when I'm not looking are the fireplace, where the scented plug in is and any cords she can see.

• She mimics our words sometimes. She said "i love you" SO clear a few weeks ago. It was almost creepy. Dave and I both heard it and had to confirm with each other it really happened.

•She loves the water. We go to the beach club and pool, and she loves both. She sticks her face in the water, splashes for hours and eats the sand.

•She's loved by all at the gyms kids club. Seems like she's the talk of the town, people hurrying over to hold her, shouting her name when she walks in...she's kind of a big deal.

•on vacuums: jury is out on if it's love or hate. She follows it yelling at it or me, then climbs at my legs to be held, then plops down right in front of it's path. Silly girl.

•Lastly, her hair has taken off in the last 6 months! She looks so bald in older photos. Now she has these wispy bangs I'm always brushing off to the side and waves in the back coming in long. They're adorable long wispy bangs and I'm growing fond of the curly waves.

June 17, 2012

For the Love of Dads

This handsome man is my Dad, and he's pretty awesome. I love him, and am thankful for his example of hard work, dedication, his testimony of the Gospel and love.

Thank you Dad for teaching me to build houses made of cards, taking silly photos of me as a baby in your hats, boots and laundry baskets, taking me sea-dooing in Laughlin for my 12th birthday and encouraging me in all I do. Thank you for loving me enough to smile and say "good morning" when I would come in so late you'd be getting up for work. Thank you for getting up so early for work and providing so I could go to college.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

And a happy Fathers Day to Shelby's Dad! 
It's been almost a year that you've been a Dad, and I must say, you're pretty wonderful! From being the 'fun' parent, to feeding, cuddling, putting Shelby to sleep, playing, sneaking her sweets or a sip of coke and so much more! I love how you love her, and because of that, I love you even more! Happy first official Fathers Day! 

Shelby, in not-so-Shelby fashion, managed a full 3 hours of church and fell asleep in the short car ride home, staying asleep even as Dave took her to her room. A rare occasion indeed.

June 9, 2012

iPhone photo dump

Our lives as of recent, as told by my iPhone.

My new favorite. Hands down!


Such a helper.

Happy Memorial Day!

It's sanitizer, so it's ok to eat, right?

Last trip to D-land before we're blacked out.

Massage anyone?

Poop fest 2012. Darn antibiotics. Poor lady.

Big girl jammies. Bittersweet.

But this place is always sweet.