June 28, 2007

Computer Issues...

My computer made an executive decision to stop working this morning. I don't agree with it, i mean, just cause I'm on vacation and browsing the Internet pretty much all day doesn't mean it should get a vacation too! So...I'll be having to postpone some blogging until it comes back from its hiatus.

June 22, 2007

It's official

I am definately, undoubtedly addicted to my online registries at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. No joke, Its become borderline obsessive. I compare availability and cost, and am in love with coordinating and thinking meticulously about each item. I think I now have an idea of what Dave feels like when he talks about cars. Even when I'm not online, thoughts of earthenware, duvet covers and kitchen gadgets fill my mind. What bothers me to no end is that I have no clue where we'll be living! Which...ladies, am I right?...Is a pain because each place gives off its own vibe. I want to have a place set so I know what to work with. Who knows, I might end up with a bright pink tiled bathroom (in which case I might cry).

I found this awesome set at Target. I love the Damask Print.

And this adorable yet functional storage ottoman thingy!

A totally "fancy hotel looking" beadspread in a great color.

And these coasters that Katie got that now I want so we can put pictures of the wedding and people we love in them (awww!)

June 21, 2007

Yet another day off

Today Shawnelle, the girls and I went to get my engagement pictures developed! Shawnelle probably thinks I'm a complete weirdo, cause stuff like that makes me nervous. I mean, ordering 550 pictures is a big thing! I was even nervous about ordering the invitations. That's a lot of invites, and one little mess up and that's a lot of wrong invites. But there's no turning back now (don't worry, I didn't have any plans to anyways!) After we placed the order we went to get her bridesmaid dress measurements taken. Quick, painless, and not to mention my dresses are pretty cute (or at least I think so!) Note: If you're reading this, and you're a bridesmaid of mine who has yet to visit Jorge...he's waiting on you! :)

Of course a day of errands isn't complete without lunch, so we got Rubio's. Kaia had cheerios and we both had the fish taco's...dare I say I like them?! Yes. It's true. I think in my more mature age I'm turning a new leaf. I've taken up liking some fishy things (which include fish taco's, some types of sushi and California rolls. But not much else. Hey, its a start). I've also let go of my dislike of tomato's and will now freely eat them in salads and in hamburgers. I have yet to acquire a liking of mushrooms. I avoid them like the plague. Also, mustard has exited my list of condiments I'll eat. I'm just over it.

So thanks Shawnelle for a fun day!! I wish I didn't work so I could do it more often.

On my list to top off my day was a car wash...and maybe an oil change. But inside my house with a nice cool fan blowing on me while browsing crateandbarrel.com beats sitting in the sun by a long shot!

June 20, 2007

A day at Disneyland!

Katie, Delaney, Maddie and I went to Disneyland yesterday!
My fingerprints are still pending for my new job, which means I have a few days off. I was so excited to get out and do something during the day without having to go to work. I love doing things in the afternoon hours. I'm used to being at work from 1-ish to 5, so having the afternoon to enjoy the sun and look at the clock and think..."i'm so glad I'm not at work" is pretty much the best. We went to California Adventure because we figured Disneyland would be packed.
but what were we thinking? Schools out for some, summer's here, so of course California Adventure was packed too.
We did a total of 1 show and 1 ride. I guess thats the perk of having a pass, you can do nothing and not feel as if you wasted money.
Maddie spent some time sitting in a taxi..... ....and Katie and I spent some time sitting there watching her.
It was hot, so I wasn't in the mood to try to fit in alot of rides or anything, I was perfectly content having a day with my best friend and doing something other than working!

June 18, 2007

Yes, yes, I know...

I'm a horrible blogger. It's been a week, and I have no new posts. I feel like my only good ones come with pictures...of which I have none...therefore, no posting. I apologize...(as if anyone even cares! haha) It's late, and I've been browsing job listings for property management positions for Dave. I got carried away and time flew by, and if you're reading this Dave, sorry for the large amount of emails I sent. But hopefully you'll find something useful and send in a resume. Or two. Or three. Tomorrow I hope to get in a day at Disneyland with Katie and the girls. I vow to take some pictures. Sarah's honor. Until then, g'night!

June 10, 2007

Chula Vista Anyone?

Dave's parents got the whole family tickets to see the Charlie Daniels Band (if you're thinking who are they? They sing The Devil Went Down to Georgia...the one with the fiddle/violin playing) anywho...the concert was in Chula Vista, the closest to Mexico I think you can get in California. So we made a day of it. We stopped at the condo in San Clemente to pick up his sister and brother in law who were staying the weekend there, but we couldn't get in the door! Everyone thought the door was either 1. Broken or 2. Jammed cause someone possibly tried to break in. After Dave climbing onto the balcony from the condo below we put our worries to rest.

His Dad had the old key on his key ring. I used the extra time we had and took a few pictures of the beach and view. Finally we set out to the concert. After we got there we realized apparently no one eats in Chula Vista, because there were no fast food places anywhere! After a nice tour of the ghetto homes and almost getting hit by vehicles with Mexico plates, we found Jack In the Box. I had alot of fun at the concert, and obviously Dave did too because he actually sang along to a few songs! (Dave enjoys music, but never sings along.)

We saw alot of interesting people, saw the aftermath of a fight, and I don't know if it's just me...but I think Charlie Daniels' should take on a second job around the holidays as Santa.

June 5, 2007

I can have my cake and eat it too!

So the time has come to taste cakes. I've been making appointments, and I have three on the books. One at The Great Dane Baking Co. in Huntington Beach, another at Pastries by Nancy in Uptown Whittier, and Michelle's Cake House in La Habra. I'm pretty excited. The only other one I want to visit is Rockwells Creative Cakes in Orange. Check them out and let me know. Their designs look the best, but I couldn't save their pictures to post :( Oh well. I'm toying with the idea of chocolate frosting with teal ribbon. What do you think? I'm also trying to decide round or square? Or two square on bottom, two round on top. A design like dots or swirls? White frosting with brown ribbon and teal dots?? SO MANY CHOICES!!
Here's a few ideas...let me know what you think!

June 4, 2007

I'm one lucky woman

Dave can cook.
Well....cookies at least. Other items I have yet to see the results of.

But I have to give him credit where credit is due, he can bake a mean batch of cookies. Tonight after the luncheon for Delaney's blessing Dave and I went to Johns house to hang out with the usual group. Ashley mentioned she had a cookie mix, and it was all over (previous posts refer to Dave's love of cookies, and this is the proof). Ashley didn't have butter, so after a quick run by the Moore household for some butter stealing I sat at the bar, roamed the Internet and Dave and Ashley (but mostly Dave) made the cookies.
After a slight run in with the kitchen towel as a make-shift baking mitt and some flames that were quickly put out, Dave had some nice cookies.

Wanna hear the icing on the cake? He cleaned up. And I mean a good thorough clean up with dish soap, washing of the cookie sheets, drying and all.

Even though I know he was avoiding playing games (which just goes to show how much he loathes games) he did a wonderful job at impressing me. Just another reason why I can't wait to marry him!

P.S...I had to capture Seth riding the antique exercise bike. Classic.

Go Angels!...and Go Red Robin!

Last night Dave and I double dated with his friend Kevin and his date Lauren at an Angels game. I hadn't been to one yet this season, so I was excited to go. I ended up taking random pictures for a chunk of the game trying out my camera and new options I didn't know it had. I especially like the continuous shot...very good for kids, and as I found out baseball games as well. But I think the zoom was a bit too much for the shots cause they came out kinda blurry.
Oh well...I'll keep playing with it till' I get better.
After the game we went to Red Robin (because we all know how overpriced stadium food is) which was my second time in one day. Tisk tisk bad Sarah. But can I just go on the record and say I am in LOVE with their fries with ranch?!
Yeah, pretty much amazing.
Anywho...here are some shots I took.