September 29, 2011

Anyone home?

Hello? Where have I been you may ask? (ok I'm pretty sure no ones really been asking that, my blog isn't that popular!) but, just in case you felt like my slight break in blogging was getting too long, I assure you i've been completely pre-occupied with other things. Only one of which is pretty important, but both pretty neato.
1. These tasty cheeks. Seriously, as Rachel Zoe says, I die.

2. This site. Holy moly. If I thought FB was addicting...wrong!

I'm in love. From random tutorials on how to do waves with a flat iron (I've only ever used a curling iron!) to delish recipes like this...

And how about the wreath I plan to make? Too cute!

So with all these fab ideas, my blogging material should increase tenfold, right?!

And yes, If you haven't noticed, I am blogging during a 2am feeding. But I mean really, how can mind when it's with this little lady?

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September 17, 2011

my thankful list {2nd ed.}

While the baby is napping, I wanted to take a few quiet moments to show my appreciation for things in my life. This past Thursday, Dave and I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss. Ok, ok. I'll be real. It hasn't all been blissful. There have been disagreements, job losses, hard decisions, long awaited decisions, ups, downs, and in-betweens. There have been lots of blissful moments too though. Honeymooning, buying our home, deciding to start a family, welcoming Shelby into our lives, nights at home doing nothing, scenic drives to nowhere, in depth conversations and more. I am now, more than ever, grateful for him, all he does and the relationship we have created and continue to grow.
Here's some things I discovered about Dave through the years...

He's a mean BBQer

exceptional cookie baker...

and a precise present wrapper

He enjoys relaxing...

 and being one with wild animals.

He knows how to party!

and how to shoot.

 He's a good brother and son

a fun uncle

 a wonderful Dad

and the man I get to celebrate anniversaries with

So here's my 2nd edition of what I'm thankful for:

1. Being an eternal family.
2. The importance to Dave of my staying home to raise our children.
3. My Mom and our almost daily conversations.
4. Good friends (who will spend their Sat. plating palm trees in our hem Aaron...)
5. Uninterrupted showers. Of which I've had 4 this week!
6. The Cheesecake Factory. Hands down one of our favorite places to eat!
7. The cooler weather the past two days! It feels like fall, for the moment at least.
8. Having a washer/dryer at my home. The days of apartment living are not forgotten, and weren't easy.
9. Living in a wonderful ward with great people (church-speak for the non-mormons).
10. My new sunglasses and Tory Burch flats. SO excited!

September 13, 2011

{2 months}

Today is this little lady's 2 month birthday! I can't believe it's been that long since she was born. Just recently she started filling out, and she doesn't feel or seem as fragile anymore!

Things about this stage I love:

I get genuine smiles.

She loves car rides (it's the stopping part that's difficult).

We have conversations. Yes, they're only cooing on her part, but she thinks she's talkin!

She sleeps thru the night and only wakes up once.

We have our bedtime routine down pat.

He gets more kissable every day!

When she doesn't want her pasi, out it goes. No addiction here!

She still fits in NB, and is slowly growing into 0-3 month clothes. Slow and steady!

She loves baths, and has been known to fall asleep mid lather and rinse.

Her swing can be a lifesaver.

We love her, and can't wait for all the wonderful things that lie ahead!

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September 12, 2011

fall faves

I know that the weather is by no means "cool". (Yes, it's still in the 80's around here during the day). BUT, at night, we have been keeping the windows open and enjoying a nice cool breeze. Our bedroom gets nice a crisp, and in Dave's words, "it feels like we're camping!". Not really. But OK, babe. 
Since i'm feeling more fallish, i'm getting excited to do fallish things like:
  • Find a costume for our little lady for Halloween (ideas, anyone??)
  • Make my favorite cranberry salad
  • Build baby's wardrobe for the cool months!

What are your favorite fall things?

September 9, 2011

Stay classy, San Diego

Dave and I were excited for a little getaway to SD with his parents. He had some meetings to go to for a work conference one afternoon, so they said we should make a night of it. Who would turn that down?! So off we went. Then, as I'm sure all of the US of A heard, off went the power too. Seriously? The first time I go to San Diego and bam! Power outage! It hit in the afternoon, and was fun at first...until the sun went down and there was no food to be found. We had 4 hungry people who hadn't eaten since breakfast, a sleepy baby, beautiful rooms, and no power. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws that ended up bringing back some food for a nursing momma! So as we all debated whether to stay or cut our losses, we had some quality time talking to the soft glow of tea-lights and the ever growing crowd of drunks below at the pool. We decided to stay, and at 11:30pm with much cheering and applause (and waking up Shelbs) we were back on the grid. I'm so glad we stayed!

We relaxed, took some walks thru seaport village, had a delicious lunch and went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner...where Shelby slept thru all the noise. Amazing! After a failed attempt at breakfast in the gaslamp district (but had a LONG walk up and down the streets...) we grabbed lunch at the Pier Cafe. We're dubbing this a pre-anniversary trip, since our 4 year is next week. So power outage and all, the trip turned around and became all i could have hoped for. Thanks Kevin and Jill!

Doesn't he look good holding our baby?

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September 3, 2011

A taste of heaven

Sometime in the last two years, I was introduced to the yummiest little cookies I'd tasted in a while. Our friend Lauren Woffinden and her SIL Marsha made them and brought them to our house for a BBQ. I was in L.O.V.E. and for 2 reasons.

1. They were chewy, tasty, sweet little bites of deliciousness.
B. I found out they were super simple to make!

So, whenever I find myself with some extra strawberries, I turn to this recipe.
I highly suggest you do the same!

The cookies:
1 box of Devils Food cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil

That's it, you may ask? Yes ma'am. That is it. Pure and simple. Chocolaty and chewy.

Mix those 3 ingredients together. The consistency will be thick.
Roll into balls and bake at 350 for 5-8 minutes or so. I gauge the done-ness by the cookies cracking a little. I also press them slightly flat with the spatula while they're still hot and on the cookie sheet (makes them easier to frost)
Please don't mind the two missing cookies. Quality control...
and I find it better to undercook them and then let them sit for a bit than to overcook. (Undercooking makes them more chewy and they keep longer)

The Frosting:
Found here
Yes folks, it's the Sprinkles Strawberry frosting recipe...and it's amazing on these little bites of heaven.
I always end up with too much frosting.
So you can double the cookie batch by using 2 cake mixes, or make some cupcakes on the side and frost away!

And while you frost, your husband can re-seed your dying grass while your dog watches.
After you're done, you can both enjoy a piece of heaven. Shoot, you can even give your dog one if you're feeling generous...

September 2, 2011

Window of opportunity

This term and I have become good
friends. Pre-Shelby (PS) there really were no restrictions. Showers, Target, grocery shopping, eating. It was all on my time. But time? No, no, no, silly new Mom. Everything has a window of opportunity, and it looks as if the window containing soap, shampoo and warm water has closed. Until Dave gets home at least. And with this warm cuddly bundle finally asleep on me, I'll gladly take the pjs and day old mascara.

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