October 16, 2010


Gunner Anderson!
Born- 8/9/10
Weight- 8lbs. 9 oz.
Breed- Rottweiler
Snuggles, chewing, Jazz music, eating his own poo, chasing his tennis ball, getting training treats for going potty, warm dark places to cuddle up in, his fleece blanket, and his parents!

October 11, 2010

Greetings from...

...Logan Utah! We came up for Dave's cousins wedding tomorrow. Over the weekend we've been staying with Dave's Grandma. The weather is amazing. I love the cool, crisp air, the mountains just behind us, and being able to relax! We ate at Maddox on the way up. Oh my gosh, it was amazing! I think I would go back JUST for the homemade rolls. And the filet was so tender I don't think I needed a steak knife! The fresh peach pie we took home was awesome too. It definitely lived up to Dave's hype. Although I think we've seen about all there is to see here in Logan, we're glad to have time to spend with family. Dave has a little dream, to own a nice big beautiful "city house" in the middle of a farm. So we drove out into the farming areas and saw, well, alot of farmland, some goats, cows, and horses.
The Logan Temple is also super close, so we've been able to drive by like 3 times, and we snapped some photos. The temple is SO gorgeous!
The white trim mixed with the stone makes it stand out. It's Dave's favorite temple. Maybe next time we're here we can do a sesh...
Tomorrow we head to SLC.
Well, I guess we'll call it a night, because everyone else in the house has!