May 20, 2007

All done!

So yesterday was the big day, the one I pretty much thought would never come, and in reality, I didn't think it would for a while. The one that I had been anticipating since my transfer to Cal State two years ago. I graduated! Yup, walked in the cap and gown, moved the tassle to the left, name called and everything (ok, so I've done it for H.S and Jr. College already, so it wasn't foreign to me) but it was the actual ending! The other one's were just small hurdles along the way to actually getting here. I'll admit, It doesn't feel that different. It was almost like the anticipation of not ever having to study or write papers and take tests was more intense than the actual finishing of college. The only exciting thing right now is the feeling of freedom, not having assignments to do this weekend, a syllubus to check, or reading to cram in by tomorrow morning. And when I look to next schedule is wide open!! :)

My parents, my aunt, my grandma, Dave, Katie, and baby Delaney all came to cheer me on. It was great to have the people I love support me and I felt really proud to have made them all happy. I got to sit with two friends from classes this semester all throught the ceremonies, and it was nice to be there with them. We had been throught alot, and we were finishing together.

Katie threw me a graduation party last night, and it was great. I loved that alot of my friends and family showed up to support me (and of course have some food!) Katie made me take a picture with my cake, so I had to lay on the table to get in the shot with it. haha. The bakery decorated it with the wrong colors...but it was still delicious! All in all it was a long day, but well worth it!


King Klan said...

YEA FOR YOU! Ok if you are free all week we should get together.

Jillian said...

congrats! Such an accomplishment! Im jealous!

Katie Jackman said...

Yeah, I am so proud of you. You're all done. I'm excited for you but I'm more excited that you'll be available more often to hang out. I know, I know, I'm selfish.