May 22, 2007

Enjoying the nothingness

So I guess I jumped into 'out of school mode' pretty quick.
My typical day since Sunday...
- Wake up at about 9:00 am.
- Realize that even if i've already slept 9 hours...I have nothing to get up for.
- Go back to sleep.
- Wake up again at about 11:00 am.
- Feel guilty that my morning is pretty much wasted.
- Take a shower, get ready slowly, and go to work.
- Come home then go to gym.
- Watch Dancing with the Stars or some other guilty pleasure.
- Read girly magazines like Marie Claire and Oprah, and throw in some Pottery Barn and restoration Hardware for decorating ideas.
- Go to bed.
- Repeat.


Dave said...

Am i your "some other guilty pleasure"? Haha