November 29, 2008

Tis the season! I am so excited for the Holiday Season this year! It's finally cooling down, and even rained a few days this week, and my Josh Groban holiday CD is in my player. Last night I could see my breath outside. Ah, cool weather is so nice! Dave and I drove thru a few neighborhoods today on our way over to his parents house. While we were driving around admiring all the houses we really liked, there were Dads out mowing lawns and husbands hanging decorations and lights. I REALLY want our own house so i can spend a Saturday baking and decorating while Dave puts up lights and works in the yard. It's the simple things folks!
A recap on Thanksgiving. We spent the day with Dave's family eating and relaxing. I plopped down on the couches for a nap after the turkey and pretty much stayed there all evening. Friday my mother-in-law and sis-in-law's Rachel and Leslie along with baby Raegan went to South Coast. As we got off the freeway I sat there re-thinking why we were there. But it was fun! Jill got a head start on some of our Christmas shopping so it was a productive morning. Later Dave and I went to my parents for a post Thanksgiving dinner. Once again I plopped on their couches (new and AMAZINGLY COMFY by the way!) and I was gone. Dinner was yum, and we had fun playing a little game my Aunt Chrissy brought called Tell Me. It started some fun conversations. Tomorrow is Mikey's homecoming and then a lunch with friends and family. Should be a fun filled Sunday! Well people, i hope your Holidays got off to a good start and that your feeling just as excited about the Christmas Season as me!

November 19, 2008

quick update

So i've been pretty bad about blogging lately. There hasn't been much to photograph, and life really has been pretty casual around our place. BUT, I'm totally looking forward to the Holidays approaching. I LOVE this time of year! A neighbor was putting up Christmas lights on their balcony last night, and as the Dad turned on the lights, his little kids clapped. It was so cute! So naturally, now I want to have lights on our balcony! (But, I hope that maybe we can have a house by Christmas time!) Hopefully Dave will feel the spirit of Christmas and put them up for us!

I bought some gingerbread mix at Traders, and last night while I was at the mall, I stopped in Williams Sonoma and bought Mulling Spices. I've heard everyone rave about it, so I thought who am I to pass up a good thing?!

I'm looking forward to next week. Aside from having Thursday & Friday off, Dave's brother Mike is coming home from his mission in Guatemala on Tuesday which will be awesome! (and I have a root canal scheduled for Monday, but thats not something to get hyped about...)

So here's to the Holidays! Now bring on the cool weather please.

November 10, 2008

Like the leaves change color in the fall, so did I!

I decided, (after toying with the thought to my fabulous hairdresser Coco many times) to make the "change". I mean, the country is all about "change" right now, so I thought, hey, why not embrace some "change" and change up my color! Besides, I'd been blonde for a few years, and wanted to switch it up a little!

November 5, 2008

Been a while

Shawnelle commented on my last post (making it my first "update your blog" reprimand). SO...I thought, what better to post about like the here and now! Today was a long day at work, consisting of spending two hours+ straight tallying, counting, and correcting our fundraiser information. I didn't get a lunch break, and the kids got out early, which = wild children. BUT, tonight after I got off I was in a good mood. Probably because the weather is awesome, and i went to Traders to grab some random items for dinner. I actually went to get only mozzarella cheese for pizza....BUT, who are we kidding! It's Traders! Anywho, Dave and I made homemade pizzas, mine was pretty crispy (note to self, do not set my oven at the direction temp of 450 degrees next time). Dave's turned out great! Now we're eating it while watching dancing with the stars. Ooh, and my fall smelling candles are burning and it just feels like fall! FINALLY.
I picked up some flowers at Traders.

Mine. Eh.

Daves. Wow.