November 14, 2011

{4 months}

Time needs to slow down. I feel like I'm on a fast train and although the ride is smooth and my favorite people are with me, I look out the window and see precious moments and stages flying by. I am trying best to enjoy the moments, savor the sweetness this little lady brings and embrace the new milestones that keep creeping up!

For my own (and I'm sure my Mom's) viewing pleasure, some of Shelbys 4 month milestones and our favorite traits.

- she finds her pacifier chain, grabs it and pulls her paci out over, and over, and over...
-she can almost put it back in again.
- we have giggles. Official, someone is making me laugh giggles.
- stopped sleeping thru the night. Then started again.
- her bald spot is bad. It's been rubbed smooth.
- she will let me cut and file her nails without throwing a fit.
-when she comes downstairs, she always looks at the pictures of Dave and I and her.
- occasionally I'll hear her waking up with coos. It's so cute!
- she sits in her stroller like a big girl.
- when she's relaxed she'll hold her hands together and we say she's being 'reverent'.
- she can sit on my hip now. I feel like I have such a big girl on my hands.
- we have a half roll over. Haven't ever got all the way over, but we're working on it.

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November 9, 2011

my thankful list {4th ed.}

as i'm watching the nate berkus show, he's having a 'favorite things' segment. reminded me of oprah's, but on a much more modest scale. these kinds of episodes always get me excited. i know i'm not getting any of it, but i always feel the thrill of anticipation for what the audience has in store. i think i'm living vicariously through them. during the segment, the popcorn looked delicious, the keihls products made me want to buy some, and then i got to thinking what are some of my favorite things? how fun would it be to be able to give my favorite things to other people?! then my thoughts drifted to wants, and then i stopped myself and looked around. i have so much to be happy with! i am truly blessed. so i'm definitely not giving things away, and i'm not necessarily going to list my favorite things, but in lieu of wants, i figured i was due to be thankful. and it is november. tis the season, right?

in no particular order...
1. crock pot meals. speaking of which, corn chowder is cooking as i type.
2. nice neighbors. we took a walk/jog the other night, and stopped to chat with some of ours. makes me feel part of something, a little safer and warm and fuzzy.
3. daily chats with my mom. i mean seriously, who listens better than a mom?
4. having a family. going from 2 to 3 has been the best thing ever.
5. shelbys night time routine. i love our quiet moments. she's sleepy, sweet and cuddly.
6. the season of all things pumpkin. round two of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies will be made today.
7. my mommy baby yoga class. twice a week with my friend lisa and a handful of mommys and their babes. it's so nice to relax, be with fellow moms and treat my body right.
8. our trip to the temple with aaron and whitney. it was much needed, and much enjoyed.
9. free magazine subscriptions (as long as i cancel them by jan.) from loehmans.
10. friends in my ward. it's great to heytell, text, laugh, plan black friday and craft.

November 7, 2011

Who knew?! (x's 2)

First, I must start by saying that there is a whole world of blogger that I'm completely out of touch with. Google reader? What's that? Do I know how to put that little list on the side that shows who has updated their blogs lately? Nope. And who knew that you could see the views to your blog, traffic feeds and even countries they're coming from! Seriously, it's like Aladdin..."A whole new world". I'm going to take Whitney (from Eat, Sleep, Cuddle fame) up on our conversation and have her give me an updated look and catapult me into the "real" blogging world! So Whitney, let's do this!

Also, my 'who knew' # 2 is something I am hesitant to post publicly. Don't worry, everything's ok. It's nothing scary, nothing tragic, none of that. Ready?.....I'm signing up for a 5k (insert sigh of relief, and maybe a laugh or two here). I have been wanting to get back into better shape since before I was pregnant. Then I got pregnant. Now I'm not, and the opportunity, for a wonderful cause has presented itself. The Run for Ruby is taking place on January 7th, 2012. Now that i'm a mom, I love my little lady more than words can describe. I feel so grateful for eternal families and want to show my support for the Taylor family. Getting my butt out and running 3 miles is the least I can do.

And for a sneak peek, my SIL Les took some fun pics the other afternoon of our little family of 3. I needed some cute pictures of us for Christmas cards...and she delivered!

November 2, 2011

wicked cute

Happy late Halloween everyone. This year was, obviously, Shelby's first Halloween. I don't know about you other Moms out there, but I felt quite the pressure (not from anyone, just internal) to make sure Shelby was ready and totally cute! I'm sure there are much better things I could have worried about. Much more important things I could have done with my time instead of endlessly browsing Etsy. Oh the laundry I could have done while I searched for leg warmers and witch hats, and the time I spent trying to find a plain black onesie?! Who would have thought that would be so difficult! But I mean really...I'm glad I did. We went to trunk or treat for our ward on Saturday and spent Halloween night at Leslie & Davids with family. I had good intentions of walking with Shelbs and Dave through the neighborhood, but in true 3 month old fashion, she fell asleep. I can't even believe that next year she'll be a big girl and walking around. AHHH! One day at a time, right? Right.