July 30, 2009

just checking in

today was a lonnnnng day. we took my center to the oc fair. and can i say...my children were SO good! i am so happy about how beautifully well behaved they were! we saw lots of animals (chicks, steer, goats, sheep, pigs, piglets, birds....) and of course what would a trip to the fair be without some rides? so we tried to appease, key word tried, everyone. we did a 4-d mummy ride, the big slide, and a measley log ride (that they all loved). they partnered up like pros, held my hand, were quick at the bathroom breaks, did 2 finger touches while petting animals, and even said their pleases and thank yous!

i have a few, meaning at least 3, to-do lists on my phone and work desk for pre-vacation things. i have a list of carry on items to be sure to pack, a target shopping list, and a general to-do list. i like lists. they make my brain feel at ease. if it's on paper, i can refer to it, and either delete it or check it off. so rewarding! and then there are the things i keep remembering at inconvenient times, like while i'm driving. like setting up an auto mortgage payment. nothing big right?

well, i should get back to eating my pizza that dave ordered so i didnt have to cook...oh and setting up that payment!

July 25, 2009

.the frustration has passed.

About my blog deleting. a few of you posted nice help afterwards. Les, I will try that control key thing next time this happens, and Cindy, i looked up the last edited version it saved, but because of my fabulously fast fingers...it was only like the first two sentences!

Ok, on to the meat of the post. Saturday for Mel's bachelorette partay we dined at The Mayan, then went to the SkyBar at the Red Lion for dancing. (Editors Note: Ash, myself, Leah and Audrey didn't dance. We chatted and sipped pina coladas).The rest of the weekend was not really documented with pictures...but there was shopping at the Park City outlets, and some laying out at the pool (with molcasalsa for lunch!)

Monday evening we walked Ash's roomates dogs, Cassius & Laila (as in the "boxers" Muhammad Ali and daughter) to 7-11 for some sodas.

Mel and Brent Hawker were married on Tuesday. The Draper Temple was amazing and Melodie looked fabulous!

And I can't leave out the homes, no more like chateaus, on the hill above the temple.

V-Ron with the sparklers we waved as the newlyweds left the reception.

It was a great little vacay. It was great to see my friends, especially now that we're growing, our lives are changing and the quality time together is fewer and far between. And thank you to my wonderful hostess with the mostess...Ashley!

July 23, 2009

Not the post I was hoping for

I am so mad. I just spent like 10 minutes writing about my trip to Utah for Mel's wedding and staying with Ashley :)
Then somehow I highlighted it all and backspaced, deleting everything. UGH :(
So over it for the moment. I'll post pictures later when I'm not as angry.
P.S. My birthday is on Saturday!! Yay.
P.S.S. SO excited for vacay...2 weeks from today!!

July 7, 2009

weekend update with sarah anderson

Hello all. Well, I'm back to the daily grind, and I won't lie, I am not too enthused about it! I mean, who really wants to go back to work after a weekend of sun, family and relaxation?! Not I!
I really didn't take many pictures. Too busy doing nothing! :) I hope all of you had a great 4th with family, friends, and hopefully some fireworks!

Does anyone else feel super tired coming back from a 3 day weekend? I'm thinking early bedtime tonight!

July 3, 2009

[relaxing holiday weekend]

I'm here for the weekend. I had been looking forward to Thursday at 6pm all week! Mon thru Wednesday were long days, andmy mind was off for the weekend way before i actually was. So for the next 48 hours, i am going to be loving every moment of...

reading (The Constant Princess)
sitting on the balcony
chatting with fam
being with dave

July 1, 2009

Wipeout Wednesdays

So somehow our family has a way of making tradition out of television series. First was Office Night, now it's Wipeout Wednesdays. I had a church meeting at 8:30, and walked into an empty house. I was bummed because I left a house full of people and hadn't watched Wipeout yet! So I called Dave, only to find that all the guys were at the gas station. I asked for a cold bottled water and the guys walked back in drinking Amps, Monsters and eating candy bars. Thats what happens when the boys go to liquor stores or gas stations past 8pm! So raise your energy drink and toast to quality family time...laughing at others. haha.