February 24, 2010

My boo-boo bag

Last week, in a freak incident, i tweaked my lower back. (ok, ok, i was flipping my hair back and forth after a shower to get the water out, and on the downward flip...bam!) So although it's not so freakish and more ridiculous, it happened, and it hurt. So that day, i was checking out Etsy (which I LOVE!) and found these.

I fell for the fabrics, and had been thinking of getting a heating pad to soothe my muscles. I ordered it that day, and have been anxiously awaiting them ever since. It even came with a smaller eye bag for my migraines! Not that i want to get a migraine anytime soon, but when I do get my next one, it'll be much more enjoyable!

They came from Comfy Creations, which has all different kinds to help you relax and feel better.
So it came today, and i'm currently enjoying this warm lavendar scented goodness while watching the olympics.

February 21, 2010

Uncle Dave & Aunt Sarah

Dave and I embarked on a new adventure last night: babysitting. This was our first time watching our neice Raegan, just us, and it was a short but lovely time! She came over sporting her footsie PJ's with Nemo and Cars in hand. Cars was hands down the winner (a fave of Dave's already). Dave and I ordered some pizza, to which Raegan kept saying "pizza? pizza?....". I whipped up some Mac & Cheese for her, and threw in a cutsie clementine for healthy measure. I think Dave likes her.
He fed her dinner, she sat on his lap for the movie, they cuddled under a blanket, she tried to get him to share his "juice" (aka Coke...) to which he told her "it's not for babies". She got ahold of our camera, and even stopped to smile for a photo op.
I got to make food, change the diaper, and say goodnight. But of course, it was well worth it, and we'd be happy to do it again, anytime!

February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's day to all! Today so far has included church, and an unplanned trip to my work to pick up something i forgot. The rest of today will include cozying up with blankets on the couch, some olympics on TV, dinner, and quality time with the one I love :)

Happy Valentines day to my Forever Valentine!

February 9, 2010

Around this house

I wanted to get to the gym tonight, and i like going before dinner rather than after. So i took out my friend the 'neuro fuzzy' (yes, that's really it's name!). It's my rice cooker, and a good one at that! I mean, what good would a rice cooker be without playing a little jingle to tell you it's ready?! I came home with 4 minutes remaining, great timing or what by Mr. Fuzzy? Then it played it's little jingle and kept my rice all warm and soft until the rest of dinner was ready :)
I think dave and i were either gone or had people over, every night last week. It was a wee bit busy, and i am SO glad to be home, relaxing, and watching my shows. Do i sound old lady-ish when i say "my shows"? Like it's the daily dose of As The World Turns or something? haha. But really, i know it might not be wise to admit it, but it's true. I think we have a show we watch every night of the week. Thank goodness for DVR! Speaking of shows, i have to make a plug for the best show: Modern Family! I LOVE Cam & Mitchell. I mean, how awesome are they and Lilly?! LOVE IT!

Now i'm all cozy on my couch, with this great blanket my mother-in-law got me for Christmas. Each of the 'ladies' in the family got them, lovingly handmade by Lacy & William, found here. Not only do they do the coziest lap blankets for adults, they have awesome baby blankets and other cute accessories! I got Mallory (Katie's new baby) a cute cotton/flannel polkadot one. Adorable!! I promise, it's as soft and comfy as it looks!
....and of course, a quick shout out to my favorite Ashley, and her firm email reminders of my need to update my blog more than once a month. <3 you Ash!