April 30, 2008

What's Better Than Idol Night?

31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins! We are fans of dollar scoop Tuesdays, and of ice cream in general for that matter, but seriously.....does it get any better than 31 cents? I think not! Between watching last nights idol and tonights show, we headed down the street to get our ice cream on. Ashley stepped in dog poo just before she stepped into my truck, so we we're off to a slightly rocky start. But she made it thru the gag reflex, threw her sandal in my truck bed, and we headed over there. Enough scoops to last us like 5 nights later...here we are, some happy ice cream lovers.

April 6, 2008

Vegas baby!

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed to sin city....but not to sin. We went for the Monster Jam world finals, which has become a tradition with Dave and I. Katie and Randy came too, which was SO much fun because it's a rare occasion to get them children-less...let alone for a whole weekend! Dave and I split a suite at a time share with his cousins Josh and Jenn, which was awsome! This place was literally two seperate suites, all for the fabulous price of one! Katie and Randy were two floors below in the same tower, which was totally fun!It was a busy quick weekend, but totally fun getting to spend time with our friends and family! We spent some fun time chatting in our rooms, window shopping at the malls, eating too much at buffets, and of course yelling and jumping around at Monster Jam. The only thing I hate about weekend getaways is how quickly the weekend flies by. Now I want to take a good long trip...and with my friends so we can spend more time together!