July 15, 2012

{1 year}

So I had a moment as I typed the post title. 1 year. 1 year?  1 year! Yup, we've hit that big baby milestone, the one that comes with celebrations, a party, cake, toys, the whole nine yards. It also comes with the realization that Shelby is growing up. And fast. I mean, really? I get a little sad thinking of  how when the little old ladies at Target ask me how old she is, I will reply with "a year". I miss saying the younger months...."oh she's just 4 months" "she's 6 1/2 months now" or "she's almost 10 months old!". Ahh, such is life. Next month I can return to my months. "13 months" sounds good to this Mom.
For yours and blogging sake, i'll move on from my clingy "i love her being little" stage, to the party stage! We had a fun 1st Birthday bash for Shelbs, compete with family, food, swimming, and the 'wouldn't be a party without' items such as cake & presents! We we're happy to celebrate with those we love, family & friends, and I felt so grateful to see them all there. Moments like those, while I'm picking up dirty abandoned plates and cups, refilling a salad or showing people where the bathroom is, makes me feel very lucky to have such great people in our lives who support us.

 Post cake bath was an order.
 And of course a post bath, birthday wagon ride with cousin Kensie.