January 29, 2013

Since when

Shelby is 18 months. A real life, talking, walking, opinionated at times toddler. I'm not sure when she decided it was ok to grow up on me. She seems to be changing daily! A new word, a new gesture, a new trick...naughty or nice, just depends on the day. Since when did i say "hey Shelbs, why don't you go ahead and start to be a legit little person, ok?"

Just last night we started a new bedtime routine. Since The bottle has been given the boot, we replaced it with a bedtime book & prayer. Yup. Reading and praying. What?! Yup, my child is old enough to recognize these actions and participate. It's baffling and fantastic all in one.

Of course, having a husband helps ease the blow of the life changes taking place daily. It's great to have a partner in life. Someone I can text that silly picture of her hair in piggy tails who will admire the cuteness with me. Someone who can hear her new words and be just as excited as me at her growth. Husbands are good for that. It's good to be in on the common goals of someone else's development and happiness, and worry less about yourselves. I'm coming to see that that's what kids really do. Help us parents grow up.