August 21, 2007

Wow, where do I begin?'s been a while. I'll give you the somewhat shortened version.
1. Moved to new apartment in Orange, and LOVE IT! We have a t.v., surround sound, my queen bed, a dresser, a fridge, and some beanbag chairs. We get couches from his parents after the wedding, and have to order a new bed and bedroom set, entertainment unit, dining room table, and coffee table from his brother in law, who owns a wholesale furniture place. How sweet is that?! (p.s...we painted the living room a tan color. It looks much better now!)

2. My aunt threw me a ward/family/ bridal shower. It was great. I got alot of good stuff that i need, and was very grateful to have so many people I love show up!
3. Went to Utah for the weekend for Adam and Leah's wedding. Had so much fun! (minus throwing up on the turbulent plane ride over there...)
We climbed part of Bridal Veil Falls, ate at Sonics, and fell in love with Guitar Hero.
4. The wedding is 25 days away. Holy moly.