March 26, 2012

Vegas (with) Baby!

This weekend we packed up our little family and headed to Vegas for our 6th Annual Anderson Monster Jam trip. Obviously this was not our first time, and it's become quite the tradition for us! Every year we add newcomers to the mix, some repeat, some come when they can, skipping years due to plans, births, small babies and more. But each year we've been able to count on Daves cousin Josh and wife Jenn. It's our thing. This year the Jackmans made a strong presence, with Katie, Randy, Matt, Rachel, Amber & Jasper. We loved having them there, and I always enjoy having my bestie (Katie) around.

Saturday, because of our dear friend Johns efforts, we were able to go on a behind the scenes tour at Shark Reef. We truly missed John & Darby, but because of a tragic family event, they were unable to attend. We enjoyed our tour in his honor!

Highlights of the weekend included-
Cafe Rio (Katies first experience!)
Neilsens Frozen Custard (my first experience!)
Monster Jam
Expensive buffets
Shelby cutting her FIRST TOOTH!
Becoming new iPad owners
Shelby sleeping thru the night every night!! (double exclamation needed)
scoring some steals at the Quicksilver outlet
Neilsens. Again.
And making it home in 3 hours!

Now who's in for year #7?!

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March 13, 2012

{8 months}

Well, another month, another blog post! In having some conversations with fellow mommies, we got to talking about how at the end of the day, only yourself and your husband can agree about how adorable/cute/irresistible/funny/kissable/ or delectable(Katie's words) your child is. Such a true statement! So my apologies to those of you who may roll your eyes at my progress post. Well, not so much apologies, just a warning, lots of love to be had for this little girl!

8 month Shelby:
  • Still no teeth. A few false alarms that turned out to just be fussy days.
  • Rolling has turned into a push-up and backwards scoot.
  • The sippy cup made it's debut. Even though you haven't grasped the "suck" concept in entirety, it can hold your attention for a while.
  • You are completely weaned. The bottle is your only source of hydration. Makes things much easier on both of us.
  • Morning walks with Gunner are a fun time for you. He licks your toes/face/hands, you giggle, and then fall asleep by the time we're home.
  • We took our first ride on a swing. You LOVED it!
  • Dr. Johnson mentioned your pincer grasp coming into play this month. It has, you pick up the puffs and put them to your mouth. Too bad they all fall out after that.
  • Six-o-clock Shelby isn't too bad anymore. We've learned to tame the beast.
  • You sit up all by yourself in the shopping cart now. Plus side, you are more occupied. Downside, you have an amazing ability to reach for things on shelves and grab stuff from the cart and drop it on the floor.
  • The bald patch on the back of your head is finally growing in!
  • "Dadada" and "babababa" are your favorite sounds. (Dad is so proud, thinking your calling him, not me).
  • An ear piercing scream has emerged. It's really loud. Not my favorite sound.
  • You have found the fun that is balloons. Pulling on their strings brings you much joy.
Happy 8 months!

March 5, 2012

dear shelby

as some of you may know, i've started a new little adventure. i opened an etsy shop and am going to be selling headbands for babies, toddlers and little ladies. the shop is named dear shelby, and i'm excited to get it up and running. check it out when you have a moment! share it with anyone you know, and like our facebook page too while you're at it!

of course, with selling things, comes the part where you photograph the things you're selling. well, for fun, i set shelbs down today, and started shooting away. it was conformation that i will be finding someone professional with a good photography eye to snap some gems. in the meantime, lets take a peek at the dear shelby (adorable) rejects.