January 17, 2010

bring on the rain

Yesterday was Saturday, and a productive one at that. In the corner of our garage was a stack of things.
things that needed to go somewhere.
things that we (I) just let sit there for too long.
SO, before i took off and got my new project started, Dave and I cleaned. for the most part, the "things" were boxes of my life.
boxes that my parents would randomly give me to take home after i got married and moved out.
boxes that pretty much held all my past.
photographs, letters, momentos, more pictures, scrapbooks...you name it!
poor dave continued to clean the garage while i would pop up from behind the boxes of stuff and say
"look dave, OH MY GOSH, you have to see this...it's my pager from like forever ago..."
"DAVE! Look at this picture of me and Katie! We were like 15, and at the river..."
"Dave, look, have you seen my first car? the blazer? you must have before! right? well look, it's a picture of when i first got it..."
Dave would patiently (at first) humor my trips down memory lane, until the minutes turned into hours. He was a good husband though! I finally condensed my past into 1 smallish sized box. i couldn't help but feel a whole bunch of emotions, and actually a little guilty about getting rid of so much.
On to more happy things! after cleaning up yesterday i started on my new project
.reinventing a coffee table.
dave got me all set up in my new work station. i forgot to get a "before" picture, but here's a "during" picture.
Today, i've picked up around the house, am lounging in comfy clothes, and watching the dark clouds roll in & rain start to fall. I'm ready for some heavy rain. The kind you can hear in bed at night and that makes you want to put on a fire and make some hot cocoa :)
For tonight, i'm letting something else do the work in the kitchen

If weather permits and isn't pouring too hard tomorrow, i'll see if I can get more work done on my project. And that's going to be possible because I'm OFF! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King!

January 11, 2010


If you're like I used to be, you may just kind-of 'skip' reading the posts that don't have pictures. And if that is you, I don't blame you! I mean, really, what fun is an update minus the pictures?! SO, i will add a photo or two. And maybe a link, just to make it worth your reading pleasure.

With the new year, usually comes resolutions. We had a great FHE with our group last week talking about new years "goals". We each wrote down the things we wanted to do or accomplish this coming year. Most of our lists got pretty long, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that i probably won't focus on more than two. I thought, it was probably more realistic for me to focus on a few. SO i narrowed it down for myself. I won't bore you with my personal goals (actually, some of them I just don't want to publicize) haha. BUT i will tell you that I have some things I will be starting soon that I am excited to get moving on!

Also, I wanted to share my favorite blogs of 2009. I know you all have your token "read daily's" so, i thought what better way to begin 2010 but show you those that i discovered in 2009.

So go, visit, read, be inspired, browse their older posts for hours (what? Me? NO!) & enjoy!

In other news around here:
  • My very much needed new flat iron is waiting at my doorstep (or so my UPS tracking says)
  • I got 5 loads of laundry done on Saturday!
  • My nail polish is going on 6 days with no chipping! (are these getting too cheesy?)
  • My bed that we thought was sagging and defective was just sagging due to a broken support underneath! It's like sleeping on a new bed! Ahhh.

January 1, 2010

life round here

December was buuuusy! I think we had an event every night the second week, and this past week with Christmas & New Years has felt the same! So, even though it is a bit late, I can't pass by the opportunity to blog about this....Yep, you guessed it! Dave was Santa. He braved the red suit and handed out presents to his brother Mike's GF Jenna's family Christmas party. (got that last part?) Dave was so kind and good with all the children and family! And of course, i got a little photo op with Santa at the end of the night! Christmas was great, we got to spend time with both our families. I was also able to take a few days off this week, which started out with a very busy Monday! I was off and decided to grab a manicure before a scheduled appointment for our new FRIDGE was delivered between 1 & 3. I was pulling into Ralphs to grab some burger makings to feed the missionaries that night, when the delivery guys called. EARLY! I mean, really, who ever has their appliances delivered early?! So i made a U turn, dashed home, and as I was frantically unloading my old fridge, get two calls from Katie...hmmm...I thought i should take it seeing as how she was due on the 4th with baby #3. I answer the phone and said "Are you having a baby?" to which she answered..."I HAD a baby!" She had delivered about an hour before! So i filled up my new fridge, and dashed to Whittier to see both of them! Mallory Jackman is gorgeous, and was so mellow while I held her! I can't wait to get over there soon and see her again! The rest of the week has been just as busy.
We rang in the new year with some great friends we've made since moving to RSM. We ate dinner in San Clemente and played a little poker with the group at Kirk & Chelsea's house. It was so much fun to be with all the couples, and thanks Schillings for hosting!!
So here's to 2010!
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
-Oprah Winfrey-