May 31, 2009

Who knew!?

When we moved into our house I was like "holy random plants"!
We had trees, rose bushes, dead plants and randomly placed calla lilies. One Saturday Dave and I just started ripping stuff out. We got thru like 1/2 the planter beds we have, but it was alot to take out. Apparently whoever lived here before us had a green thumb that had turned brown by the time we moved in. Today I looked outside and said
"We have plumbs!" Low and behold a mystery tree is a plumb tree. I don't know if i'll try them, but it's fun knowing they're there. We also have grapes (I said random didn't I?) Oh, and I cant leave out our resident birds and their nest in our patio.

May 29, 2009

friday night blogging

I've come to the conclusion that it's the simplest things that make me happy. My philosophy body lotion, notes in the mail, easy dinners, pedicures, a perfect mix of carbonation & ice in my diet coke, Saturdays, Sundays, babies, a new read, being appriciated, being employed, finding that mystery hair hanging on my shirt that is tickling the back of my get the picture right? I have to add to the list, lines in my carpet, courtesy of Dave.

I remembered tonight that i haven't shown you all the new "outfit" i bought for my bed. You see, my Grandma gave me money for Christmas to switch things up from darker to lighter. I finally commited. There's just one little hiccup. The bed isn't really made right now. So i angled things to just show you a taste.
the comforter

the sheets

throw pillows

On a completely random note, Dave and I are watching the best of JayWalking on Jay Leno, and my favorite answer was: "What does the D.C. stand for in Washington?" "Da Capital". Classic.

May 26, 2009

I started this post on Tuesday...then got distracted...

Mac-n-cheese is in the oven, and divine design is on, so i thought i'd take a few to share some updates around the Anderson casa. We had our new couches delivered a week ago...and are loving them!!! I swear, i haven't felt such comfort in so long. We also added a patio furniture set of my Grandparents to the backyard. Loving it so far, even though I've only looked at it. What i like even better is that I can switch out the cushions easily to be more "my style".
I began the hutch project, but then last weekend came along and it's been put on hold. I'll get back to it soon!

Monday we spent the afternoon at Dave's Grandmas house with the Anderson & Collier families. It was nice to just sit in the sun, relax, eat, (good frog eye salad Les!) and I even fit in a little nappy nap. Pretty much my definition of a perfect afternoon.

May 24, 2009

happy memorial weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying their (hopefully) 3 days off. I can't remember the last time I was this happy to have a long weekend! So far we have napped, had a great late breakfast of french toast at a cute little cafe`, tanned, read about 3/4 of Love the one You're With, and tanned some more! I promise I'll post soon, I have some house updates to show you. For now i'll just give a sneak peek.

(courtesy of Dave's endearing trait of spending lots of time "testing" different settings on his camera with random subjects...such as this)

May 15, 2009

.it's the little things in life.

Like these yummy little treats that sit in my pantry that I sneak a bite or two out of every day...Mmmm. Gotta love me some Traders!

...And thisVoluspa candles (at Anthropologie). I love Santiago Huckleberry. Take a whiff next time you come across it and let me know what you think. I think it's fabulous. And with different scents and decorative tins, they're sure to please!

May 13, 2009


While Dave was seeing a movie with his brother on Monday, I took a week long awaited un-interupted trip to my local Home Goods. I came away with a few key finds, including this rug (on clearance for a smokin deal!) a new lamp, frame (that still needs a picture) and this lovely cage-y-item, that I still need to find a place for. All things on sale...and I walked away totally stoked . My entry way is looking SO much better! I am so happy. Now on to something else....

Icing on the cake: I'm watching Divine Design on HGTV while I post :)

May 9, 2009

dave & i went to my grandmas house in Temecula yesterday. it was bitter.sweet. Grandma isn't living there anymore, and my mom & aunt chrissy were there to sort through everything and clean it out before they sell it. i was able to see if there was anything i after looking around i chose this...

[the bottom]

[the top]

it will take some work. painting and new hardware are in the plans. i'm thinking white? it has great bones, and i just couldn't bear to leave the house without something to remember my grandparents by. i think it was a good choice. my grandma told my mom she was sad to not be able to take it when she moved because back in the day when grandpa and her bought it "they knew they had made it" {smile}

dave and i also grabbed the gas fireplace log. dave was so stoked! those bad boys aren't cheap, and it was something we just didn't want to shell out money for.
final thoughts: pleased with my take-aways.


don't get yourselves all hyped up, we're not expecting! since we've been in our new place, we've realized that although nice...our tv is, and i .hate. to say it...too big!
we bought it a few months after we got married, and only got the 60 inch because it was a perfect open boxed item at a killer price. it's been *good* to us. but since we're in this place for the long haul, we wanted something that works better in the space.
now, i have come to realize Dave is pretty smart about most major purchases. he buys top notch stuff at good (usually sale) prices then sells while he can still break even or come close to. he does it with cars, stereos, and now with our tv. we decided last weekend to put it up on craigslist and see what happened. well, lots of people wanted it! so away it goes, to a new home. and in it's place came this gem of a samsung! gotta love cashing in on christmas & birthday gift cards! now, i was skeptical...but as i watch it, hello- love it!

now we [dave] just needs to mount it on the wall and we'll be set!


May 1, 2009

28 years ago

this wonderful husband of mine was born!
Happy Birthday Dave!
I love you