July 29, 2007

I'm sorry...

I have been a horrible blogger! I really didn't think my life would get so busy once I started working full time...but it has. Well, I wont waste time, here's the update:

1. I got an apartment! It's in Orange, by CHOC hospital and Main Place Mall (yippee!). I move in August 4th (next weekend!) It's a cute place, 1 bed 1 bath, and it even has plantation wood blinds instead of those dingy mini-blinds I feared we'd end up with. Its in our price range too, and its still local. I'm going to live there for the first month and then when Dave and I get married he'll move on in. I'm excited, but pretty nervous. This is a big step in our lives, and I'm moving out of my parents house after 24 years!

2. I started my new job. It's been interesting...not quite what I'd hoped for though. I'm an assistant site supervisor, but two locations have merged together for the summer, so we have 3 assistants under one site, which makes for a bit of a crowded atmosphere. I'll be moving back to our home site the first week in Sept. and another assistant and I will run that site, so I'll have more opportunities to get trained and really get into my job description. But so far I've met some cool people, and had some fun times....And I can't really complain, cause the paychecks are nice!

3. The wedding invites are done (minus a few stragglers) but over 500 are pretty much ready to go! Tonight we'll have a stuffing party, and then in the mail tomorrow they go!

Lets see, I have some pictures too. A few weekends ago a group of our friends went to Hollywood to see a movie. In a cemetery. It was so fun! Hollywood Forever Cemetery projects movies onto a huge wall in the middle of an empty lawn on Saturday nights in the summer, and SO MANY people show up. It looked like a crowded day at Disneyland with all the people. You can bring blankets and dinner and they have DJ's spinning before the movie starts. We watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", which I'd never seen. It was a cool night! They're showing their annual presentation of Pee Wee's Big Adventure next weekend, so I think most everyone wants to go back.

We had to park blocks away and walk a bit to get there...

We got a little bored before the movie started...and with Seth around, things get silly...

July 15, 2007

I haven't played tag in a while!

I Got Tagged

Jobs I've had:

1) Masons Community Bakery

2) Backdoor Friends Scrapbook Store

3) Bath & Body Works

4) City of Whittier Rec. Specialist

Places for weekend getaway:

1) Laughlin

2) Vegas

3) Sac Clemente

4) San Francisco (hint, hint, wink, wink, Dave Anderson)

Movies I can watch over and over:

1) Anchorman

2) Sense & Sensibility

3) How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

4) The Holiday

Guilty Pleasures:

1) Shopping

2) Napping

3) Eating. And diet coke. MMMM.....

4) HGTV and TLC

Places I've Lived:

1) La Mirada, CA

2) Whittier, CA

What I thought when I first saw my significant other:

1) Nice car.

2) He's cute!

3) I'm SO nervous!

4) What was I thinking?! (about the blind date)

Places I've been on vacations:

1) Bahamas

2) Mexico

3) Laughlin/Vegas (they don't really count, but I'm running low on good ones)

4) Catalina

Favorite Foods:

1) Pasta

2) Mexican food

3) Red Robin french fries!

4) Carls. Jr.

If in a "jam" with spouse, tactics used to get out of the doghouse:

1) Well, apparently the foolproof tactic is something I have yet to discover. Check back in two months.

Websites I visit daily:

1) WaMu

2) Yahoo

3) Gmail

4) this one

First kiss locations:

1) In front of my garage

2) Next to Dave's car

3) Cabin in the mountains

4) Starbucks parking lot

Places I'd rather be:

1) Sleeping

2) San Clemente Beach House

3) Vacation anywhere awesome

4) Getting a pedicure

4 people I tag are:...

...I think everyone already got tagged. I was just being a good sport and finishing this :)

July 12, 2007

Forced vacations: Love it or hate it?


Today was yet another day with no work. It's seriously not fun anymore. I get sick thinking about the money I could have made. BUT in better news, my second go at fingerprinting has gone through, and now just needs to clear. Which is better than never processing at all. I'm crossing my fingers that they will clear by tomorrow so i can do orientation on Monday. We'll see where finger crossing gets me, cause it hasn't gotten me far yet.


Time off work gives me time to A) Work out, and B) Spend quality time with my stay-at-home-mom friends. This morning I woke up late from a bad dream. Dave and I had been chased by some random bad guys, then one of them got in our car, and then *gasp* shot Dave in the back! I was hysterical and crying, telling him he couldn't die, screaming for help. You get the picture. Then I woke up all nervous and on edge. Ick. I went to the gym, jogged for a couple miles, did some crunches and listened to Rascal Flatts on my Ipod. I love them. (I want to go to another one of their concerts soon.) Straight from the gym I went to Shawnelle's and we went in the pool. It was pretty warm outside, and I was perspiring just a little (understatement!) so swimming felt oh-so-nice! The girls went with us, so we chatted and waded around with them. Sharlee...(or was is Kaia?) fell asleep in Shawnelle's arms. We took that as our cue that it was time to get out. So we called it a day! I came home, made myself a healthy lunch, put through some laundry, and who knows...maybe i'll watch Oprah before I take a shower. After I think i'll go to Target to hopefully find some bathing suits for the honeymoom.

July 8, 2007

Go Baby Go!

My home ward had a Pinewood Derby on Friday night, and my dad made his very first derby car! I'll admit, I was kind of skeptical as to how his would turn out because he seemed pretty clueless about what he was supposed to do...BUT apparently he did something right!

He spent a whole day working on it in the garage, going to the store to buy paint, which compared to others in the competition was a bold color choice, and even carefully pressing on decals (the "Caribbean Blue" car above is his).

Dave and I went to support my Mom, who was racing his car for him because after ALL his work and excitement, he was delayed at work and couldn't make it in time. I don't think I've seen my mom that excited in a while. I'm talking clapping, occasionally jumping up and down, and even yelling out a few loud 'YEAH's'!
It was fun, and the whole time Dave sat next to me talking about how his will be awesome next year, and when we have kids, the Anderson Family will have the best derby cars around. I love that he loves stuff like this.

Oh...I almost forgot....
"The Blue Bomb", as my Dad named it,
got third in the 'outlaw' class, and 2nd in the stock class.

July 7, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July. I really like this holiday because its so relaxing. Lounging around, throw some stuff on the BBQ, lounge some more, and watch fireworks. I also love it cause it means summer's here. The weather is nice, you can swim, get tan, or go to the beach, it stays light later, and it's warm in the evening when the festivities begin!
This 4th I went to San Clemente to spend the day with the Anderson family. We ate some breakfast, watched some of the Project Runway marathon, went to see the new movie License to Wed, then continued to watch Project Runway.

Dave's friend Brandon and their family friends the Lundquist's came over, we BBQ-ed, layed around, and played Scategories. They set off fireworks from the pier in San Clemente, so we sat on the balcony and watched the show. Besides the lack of breeze to blow away the smoke, it was a good show!

We topped off the night with watching the patriot...which totally made me cry...I mean, how sad that Mel Gibson looses two sons AND they burn down the church filled with people!! But it all ended well when I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean outside the door.
Thursday Rachel and I woke up late, ate breakfast, watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood...(which totally took me back to my childhood! I realized he's a little odd, the way he sings and tells the kids how amazingly special they each are to him...but It still was a blast from the past to see him change sweaters and watch the trolley some into the living room.)
In the afternoon Rachel, Dave's mom and I went to the Carlsbad outlets...which was almost torturous. In the name of marriage and efforts to become debt free I passed up a fabulous Coach hobo purse on sale with an additional 30% off, an adorable pair of Nine West flats, and walked past many a store I would have loved to check out.
Now that's control!

July 3, 2007

Sunday in San Clemente

Well, this weekend seemed to fly by pretty fast. But who am I kidding...i'm still not working so days fly by fast period! On Sunday we went to San Clemente after church to fix dinner. Dave's family is going to be staying there this whole week. We had some delicious BBQ steaks, and relaxed on the sofa. It was a really nice night. I love being there because you can hear the waves if you're sitting inside or sit on the balcony and watch the ocean and feel the breeze.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and I'm SO glad I don't have to work! I'm going down to meet Dave at the condo in the morning and we're gonna spend the day relaxing, BBQing and then watching the fireworks they set off the pier. I even get to stay the night so I don't have to battle traffic on the 5 north that night. Thank goodness. Should be fun!