November 26, 2010

All of DC rolled into one post

As I stated, almost a month ago (sorry!)...We jetted off to Washington DC for a long Veterans weekend. Our fantastic friends, the Waldrips, and Dave's awesome brother Mike made our trip better than we imagined it would be! I think we saw just about everything. We did a White House tour, a Capitol Building tour, the monuments, Georgetown, Mt. Vernon, Arlington Natl. Cemetery, the 911 Memorial at the Pentagon, Smithsonian museums, the National Archives and of course "The Famous Waldrip DC by Night Tour". Phew. I'm afraid that if I told you I'd do our trip in installments, I would be lying and wouldn't finish what i started. SO, here are some of our moments in the Nations Capitol!

November 2, 2010

Happy November

Hello, hello! We're kinda excited around here, because a week from tomorrow, we fly out to Washington DC for a little vacation! I mentioned our intentions in a post a while back, and after talking to our friends who will graciously be our tour guides and hosts, we booked our flights and have been eager to go ever since! This will be Dave and I's first time to D.C. and we are stoked to be taking a White House tour, a tour from Dave's brother Mike of the Capitol building, seeing Arlington National Cemetery and much more. The weather is looking like a cool 60 degree high, which I'm SO happy for! I love crisp cool temps :)

In updates, Gunner, (aka: bud, budders, doo doo brown, poo poo eater, etc.) has become an established part of the fam. He is a definate puppy. He likes
to nibble, but we're making progress on those nibbles staying on appropriate toys and not our bodies, clothes, or personal items. He is getting better at walks around the block, and has met quiet a few neighbors! It's crazy how many new people we've got to know because of him!
He likes to eat EVERYTHING. Grass, sticks, tops of spray paint cans, his own poo, bark from planters, his name it, his mouth tries it. Only at least 9 more months of this to go. Yay! haha.