May 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave!

Today was Dave's birthday (the big 2-6!) so we went to his favorite fish place on the San Clemente Pier. Coming from a non fish lover, it was pretty good. They had great sourdough bread, and being a bread gal, that made me happy. The coconut shrimp was pretty delish too, but i played it safe and stuck with pasta. His family got him and everyone tickets to see the Charlie Daniels Band in June, so that should be totally fun!

I got him a pair of new shorts (we're poor engaged folk here, no room for anything fancy) and a car. Yup, a car. My grandpas old Explorer is sitting in my Aunts driveway collecting dust and not really working, and I've heard Dave mention on more than one occasion that he'd love to turn it into something offroad-ish. He's got this talent when it comes to cars, and a real passion too. So, I worked my favorite niece/granddaughter role and ta-da, handed Dave the keys tonight. In theory its a fun idea...but practically, we'll see if it'll work. Who knows, Dave may have us a baja explorer sometime! And if not, maybe some cash in hand if we can sell it.


Melissa . Ryan . Jack said...

So cute! I'm glad you posted about his birthday! The Andersons all came over except you guys! Bummer... we wanted to see you. Oh well, we'll see you either there or here later. I love that place you guys went to. I haven't been there in years but it's a great place to go to as a family. Take Care Sarah!

Dave said...

Ok, you are amazing. Thanks for the Exploder! I cant wait to turn it into our Grocery Getter Baja Truck. We can throw the baby seats in the back and all go out to the desert for the day!! So awesome!! You are the best and thanks for making my BDay a great one!! Love you!