February 27, 2009

Alone on a Friday night

It's Friday night, 9 pm, and life here is quiet. I went to dinner with my old friend Juddy, then we dashed into Sephora (ahhh....love it!). Meanwhile Dave was with his family, and when I called him on my way home, he asked me to come pick him up because he was sick. So an hour later, we're home, and he's in bed asleep. Poor husband, I gave him my sickness! But on the plus side, the dishes are done, HGTV is on, and I'm gonna look for things for the new house! I need to find a few area rugs for downstairs. I'm hoping for something like this.

And this...(The room is nice, but I'm focused on the rug)

February 24, 2009

So sick of....

.....being sick! I didn't go to work yesterday or today, and I had to miss Dave's dad being called to be the Tustin Ranch Branch Bishop on Sunday. I pretty much didn't move from the couch until last night. I don't remember the last time I felt that nasty sick. Ugh. And the cough is just setting in so that I am sleeping on the couch to be kind to Dave so he can sleep.

On another note. Dave and I are in escrow! I wasn't going to post until the closing date got closer...but I'm home and bored, and we already had our inspection, appraisal, and things are on a roll! Here's a sneak peak of our new home! (Disclaimer: I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for no last minute snafu's. It won't be final to me until the keys are in our hand!)

February 17, 2009

I <3 U

Friday the 13th the Anderson fam went to see Air Supply at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. I was kinda skeptical...but oh my gosh, i loved it! They were so good! I've gotta give it to the lead singer, he was really good live, at least i thought so! Here's a little video.

Then on V-day, Dave and I went to Moreno's for lunch and Dave told me that we're going to Rascal Flatts on 3/14!!! I was so happy! It's been years since i've seen them, and it's been too long since a concert. That night we went to Dan and Coco's for dinner with Les, David, Dan, Coco and Raegan. It was really nice to spend time with them. Dinner was delicious and oh my gosh, Coco, that cake was TO DIE FOR!! I swear, if I wasn't counting points I could have eaten it all. We ended with some Wii bowling and tennis. Thank you guys for a great night! Even though I didn't have Monday off work, my weekend was great!!

Hope everyone spent some time doing something fun with someone they enjoy being with!


February 12, 2009

Arizona with the Andersons

This past weekend Dave and I and Josh and Jenn drove to Arizona for Josh's sister Risa's wedding. It was a great weekend! I hadn't seen alot of the Andersons since our wedding, and i'd never been to Cottonwood either. Thank you Angie for putting us up! It was a good time!
I seriously love my new family!!!