August 30, 2010

Etsy Envy

If I could log onto Etsy tonight, these are a few things I would most definitely order.
I love Etsy. I love browsing it. And I love purchasing items from creative sellers on it!Rose City Soaps. This one in particular is almond :) and isn't the matte black lid a cute touch?! I found these by RoseCitySoapSupply at a shop in San Clemente on Del Mar called Luxe. She didn't have them in the store last time I went in, but, told me I could find them on Etsy. Score!

I'm pretty much in love with Kelly Wearstler. Her Imperial Trellis design is amazing...and I love it in every color. I wish I could get drapes in this fabric. Ahhh, if only.... Anyways, moving on. I love checking out all the pillows on Etsy, this one being from Woody Liana.

With the weather not feeling like summer at all, i can't help but be excited about fall! I have a wreath I bought from TwoInspireYou last year. It has hung on my door for months and months, and has handled the elements well! I love the look of a simple berry wreath. And they look even better in person! I like this one, with oranges and creams. Just in time for fall!

These tea towels look really pretty. I don't know if anyone is like me, but I hang cute towels over my oven door handle. And they aren't for use. I just like how they look, all crisp and clean. Once I wash them, they're never the same. So for decor purposes only, I think these by TheHouseofBouton would be a nice addition to my kitchen!

I bought some adorable Christmas tags last year...and loved them! These note cards are so cute! I love most everything in her store. PixelImpress has cute tags, note cards, and even calling cards. I don't think i need a calling card...but her designs make me want one!

Now go do some Etsying!

August 8, 2010

Wanna get away

Dave and I talk about going places quite often.
Recent conversations have included:
New York (after my trip and the need to share its awesomeness with Dave!)
Chicago (to see his mission stomping ground and check out the windy city)
San Francisco (because I've never been and have always wanted to go)
A cruise. To anywhere. Because we love cruising that much.
And recently, Washington D.C.

I always get a little excited, so I search the airline websites and check fares, look up hotels (checking for the cheapest places to try to persuade Dave we should go). I even look at the calendar to try to find what works with our schedules and non-conflicting dates.
But it all ends there. We never book flights. We don't commit to anything.

Don't get me wrong, we travel. Some may say more than the normal, given our Europe, New York, and Alaska destinations over the last year. BUT, those were family trips. Fantastic vacations, but different than taking off just the two of us.

I would like to commit! I want to get away. Just us. Of course we will probably spend time with friends, maybe even see some family. So I'm going to use my blog like people use a "vision board"? Maybe it will become reality!

August 1, 2010

Who's that cyclist in the window?

This image is something we are getting used to seeing...but it's still hilarious every time!

Rewind to a few weeks ago. It's about 7:30pm, Dave and I are sitting in the living room, windows open enjoying the evening, eating our dinner after a long day of work, the T.V's on, and I look up and think I see someone biking past our house. Nothing unusual, right? Wrong.

A flash of neon yellow pulls up our driveway about the same time as I hear a familiar voice yell out a loud but tired "whooo!" Dave and I exchange glances, wondering what the heck is going on, and I say, "Is that Evan?!" He'd apparently made his way from Tustin/Irvine to Rancho on his cycling route and we were being graced by his presence for a little rest! After an hour visit, a water refill and some good laughs about how he showed up, he was off on his cycling way.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of yet another visit by Evan the cyclist. This time we were a little less surprised, still totally amused, and the garage was open and he came right in the back door. So Evan, we look forward to your next visit. We may not have the garage door up, but if we're home the door is always open for you and water bottle refills are always complimentary!