June 10, 2007

Chula Vista Anyone?

Dave's parents got the whole family tickets to see the Charlie Daniels Band (if you're thinking who are they? They sing The Devil Went Down to Georgia...the one with the fiddle/violin playing) anywho...the concert was in Chula Vista, the closest to Mexico I think you can get in California. So we made a day of it. We stopped at the condo in San Clemente to pick up his sister and brother in law who were staying the weekend there, but we couldn't get in the door! Everyone thought the door was either 1. Broken or 2. Jammed cause someone possibly tried to break in. After Dave climbing onto the balcony from the condo below we put our worries to rest.

His Dad had the old key on his key ring. I used the extra time we had and took a few pictures of the beach and view. Finally we set out to the concert. After we got there we realized apparently no one eats in Chula Vista, because there were no fast food places anywhere! After a nice tour of the ghetto homes and almost getting hit by vehicles with Mexico plates, we found Jack In the Box. I had alot of fun at the concert, and obviously Dave did too because he actually sang along to a few songs! (Dave enjoys music, but never sings along.)

We saw alot of interesting people, saw the aftermath of a fight, and I don't know if it's just me...but I think Charlie Daniels' should take on a second job around the holidays as Santa.


King Klan said...

I agree on the santa thing. It was nice seeing you this weekend. We need to get together more often.

Melissa said...

Nice! So whatever happened to the key with Leslie and Dave in the condo? Sounded like you guys had a great time!

Sarah said...

Leslie had the key, so they met us down there and let us in!