June 20, 2007

A day at Disneyland!

Katie, Delaney, Maddie and I went to Disneyland yesterday!
My fingerprints are still pending for my new job, which means I have a few days off. I was so excited to get out and do something during the day without having to go to work. I love doing things in the afternoon hours. I'm used to being at work from 1-ish to 5, so having the afternoon to enjoy the sun and look at the clock and think..."i'm so glad I'm not at work" is pretty much the best. We went to California Adventure because we figured Disneyland would be packed.
but what were we thinking? Schools out for some, summer's here, so of course California Adventure was packed too.
We did a total of 1 show and 1 ride. I guess thats the perk of having a pass, you can do nothing and not feel as if you wasted money.
Maddie spent some time sitting in a taxi..... ....and Katie and I spent some time sitting there watching her.
It was hot, so I wasn't in the mood to try to fit in alot of rides or anything, I was perfectly content having a day with my best friend and doing something other than working!


Katie Jackman said...

It was fun!!! It will be a while before we are able to go to Disneyland again. Hey... Thanks for meeting me today at the house.

Katie Dunn said...

SOOOO FUN...I was at Disneyland on Monday and it was packed and HOT too! Love having a pass...By the way you look gorgeous in that picture:)

Rodrigo said...
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