June 22, 2007

It's official

I am definately, undoubtedly addicted to my online registries at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. No joke, Its become borderline obsessive. I compare availability and cost, and am in love with coordinating and thinking meticulously about each item. I think I now have an idea of what Dave feels like when he talks about cars. Even when I'm not online, thoughts of earthenware, duvet covers and kitchen gadgets fill my mind. What bothers me to no end is that I have no clue where we'll be living! Which...ladies, am I right?...Is a pain because each place gives off its own vibe. I want to have a place set so I know what to work with. Who knows, I might end up with a bright pink tiled bathroom (in which case I might cry).

I found this awesome set at Target. I love the Damask Print.

And this adorable yet functional storage ottoman thingy!

A totally "fancy hotel looking" beadspread in a great color.

And these coasters that Katie got that now I want so we can put pictures of the wedding and people we love in them (awww!)


King Klan said...

so i've seen the costers like 5 times and almost got them. So we found out there is someone ahead of us on the house and like whos going to say no to it. So we didn't get it. Bummer Hi ho hi ho back to the closet I go! Ha Ha

Sarah said...

Oh :( Sad Story. Sorry to hear that. But I liked your rhyme!!

Katie Jackman said...

It is so much fun deciding on what you want for the house. The best part is... Everything you own in your house will be new. I loved that. After 4 years, nothing's new in my house anymore.

King Klan said...

Ok make up show was great i got a pallet of pinks and brownish orangey colors theres like 12 color i think. Then 3 ind. eye shadows like a base simple color and a teal and a bronze. Then I got two lip glosses love them. And a bronzer/ blush and masracra all great had so much fun doing my make up this morning it was like what do i use!

King Klan said...

time to add something new how is the new job?