June 21, 2007

Yet another day off

Today Shawnelle, the girls and I went to get my engagement pictures developed! Shawnelle probably thinks I'm a complete weirdo, cause stuff like that makes me nervous. I mean, ordering 550 pictures is a big thing! I was even nervous about ordering the invitations. That's a lot of invites, and one little mess up and that's a lot of wrong invites. But there's no turning back now (don't worry, I didn't have any plans to anyways!) After we placed the order we went to get her bridesmaid dress measurements taken. Quick, painless, and not to mention my dresses are pretty cute (or at least I think so!) Note: If you're reading this, and you're a bridesmaid of mine who has yet to visit Jorge...he's waiting on you! :)

Of course a day of errands isn't complete without lunch, so we got Rubio's. Kaia had cheerios and we both had the fish taco's...dare I say I like them?! Yes. It's true. I think in my more mature age I'm turning a new leaf. I've taken up liking some fishy things (which include fish taco's, some types of sushi and California rolls. But not much else. Hey, its a start). I've also let go of my dislike of tomato's and will now freely eat them in salads and in hamburgers. I have yet to acquire a liking of mushrooms. I avoid them like the plague. Also, mustard has exited my list of condiments I'll eat. I'm just over it.

So thanks Shawnelle for a fun day!! I wish I didn't work so I could do it more often.

On my list to top off my day was a car wash...and maybe an oil change. But inside my house with a nice cool fan blowing on me while browsing crateandbarrel.com beats sitting in the sun by a long shot!


Katie Jackman said...

Don't worry. I'm sure your pictures will be fine. I'm still waiting or the day you like mushrooms! It's coming I can feel it. They're so good.

Sarah said...

I know you want me to like them, but I have no idea why. Never Katie! Never!

King Klan said...

Ok I'm not big on mushrooms they are gross and slimmy cooked but I wont pick them out if there in a fresh good salad. They are tastless. Anywho thanks for a fun day out!

Jillian said...

love the new picture on the right! So cute! Im so sad, I wish I could hang out with all of you guys!!

Sarah said...

I wish you could too Jill! We should plan something next time you're down.