September 29, 2011

Anyone home?

Hello? Where have I been you may ask? (ok I'm pretty sure no ones really been asking that, my blog isn't that popular!) but, just in case you felt like my slight break in blogging was getting too long, I assure you i've been completely pre-occupied with other things. Only one of which is pretty important, but both pretty neato.
1. These tasty cheeks. Seriously, as Rachel Zoe says, I die.

2. This site. Holy moly. If I thought FB was addicting...wrong!

I'm in love. From random tutorials on how to do waves with a flat iron (I've only ever used a curling iron!) to delish recipes like this...

And how about the wreath I plan to make? Too cute!

So with all these fab ideas, my blogging material should increase tenfold, right?!

And yes, If you haven't noticed, I am blogging during a 2am feeding. But I mean really, how can mind when it's with this little lady?

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King Klan said...

i know this is crazy but shelby looks kinda like some of katies girls did

The Smith Family said...

Um....Thanks for the Pinterest heads up - I feel so much better about waisting my time there than facebook :)
BTW - you and Dave made an adorable little girl.