September 13, 2011

{2 months}

Today is this little lady's 2 month birthday! I can't believe it's been that long since she was born. Just recently she started filling out, and she doesn't feel or seem as fragile anymore!

Things about this stage I love:

I get genuine smiles.

She loves car rides (it's the stopping part that's difficult).

We have conversations. Yes, they're only cooing on her part, but she thinks she's talkin!

She sleeps thru the night and only wakes up once.

We have our bedtime routine down pat.

He gets more kissable every day!

When she doesn't want her pasi, out it goes. No addiction here!

She still fits in NB, and is slowly growing into 0-3 month clothes. Slow and steady!

She loves baths, and has been known to fall asleep mid lather and rinse.

Her swing can be a lifesaver.

We love her, and can't wait for all the wonderful things that lie ahead!

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Brittany Webster said...

She is so cute! That smile in the first picture is ADORABLE!