October 5, 2011

There's an App for That...

I was just about to email all my recent photos from my phone to myself, then save them on the computer when I looked at my phone and said, DUH! You have an app for that! Silly me, how many times in the last few weeks have I had the urge to blog, but because all my photos are on my phone, stopped short and thought, not now, it's too much work! Oh boy, does pregnancy brain last beyond pregnancy? I think I have proof.

SO, here is our last month in photos.

We went to Grandma and Grandpas for dinner. When we pulled up, this is what we found in the backseat.

Seriously we couldn't stop laughing!

We went to the fair with out friends John & Darby. We bought fried food, candy and John came home with the entire angry birds cast in stuffed animal form. Isn't that what everyone does at the fair?

We took camera pictures together, in none of which she was looking at the camera. Oh yeah, and I dyed my hair.

I joined this, became addicted, and surprisingly, yummy and cute things have come from it!

...Like this wreath I made on Saturday!

...And this monkey bread I made during GC.

And lastly, we co-napped for the first time in a while on Monday. I loved every cuddly second of it.

Now I must do some laundry and shower while that "window of opportunity" I've spoken of still exists.


adamandleah said...

I LOVE the wreath Sarah! So cute! I am addicted to pintrest too! We have girls nights and make things we find off pintrest. Your monkey bread looks yummy.. makes me want to make some!