September 9, 2011

Stay classy, San Diego

Dave and I were excited for a little getaway to SD with his parents. He had some meetings to go to for a work conference one afternoon, so they said we should make a night of it. Who would turn that down?! So off we went. Then, as I'm sure all of the US of A heard, off went the power too. Seriously? The first time I go to San Diego and bam! Power outage! It hit in the afternoon, and was fun at first...until the sun went down and there was no food to be found. We had 4 hungry people who hadn't eaten since breakfast, a sleepy baby, beautiful rooms, and no power. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws that ended up bringing back some food for a nursing momma! So as we all debated whether to stay or cut our losses, we had some quality time talking to the soft glow of tea-lights and the ever growing crowd of drunks below at the pool. We decided to stay, and at 11:30pm with much cheering and applause (and waking up Shelbs) we were back on the grid. I'm so glad we stayed!

We relaxed, took some walks thru seaport village, had a delicious lunch and went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner...where Shelby slept thru all the noise. Amazing! After a failed attempt at breakfast in the gaslamp district (but had a LONG walk up and down the streets...) we grabbed lunch at the Pier Cafe. We're dubbing this a pre-anniversary trip, since our 4 year is next week. So power outage and all, the trip turned around and became all i could have hoped for. Thanks Kevin and Jill!

Doesn't he look good holding our baby?

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