September 2, 2011

Window of opportunity

This term and I have become good
friends. Pre-Shelby (PS) there really were no restrictions. Showers, Target, grocery shopping, eating. It was all on my time. But time? No, no, no, silly new Mom. Everything has a window of opportunity, and it looks as if the window containing soap, shampoo and warm water has closed. Until Dave gets home at least. And with this warm cuddly bundle finally asleep on me, I'll gladly take the pjs and day old mascara.

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Abby said...

I SO know how that goes. Today my plan was to go to Target first thing this morning. We didn't leave the house until 4 pm:) At least I got a few (just a few) things done around here.

Have you ever tried putting Shelby in a bouncer or swing or something in the bathroom while you shower? Coop actually likes the sound of the running water so that works pretty well for us sometimes.

King Klan said...

the no shower time will change and you will forget they were even there but the moments that you get to cuddle close with your sug bug and the best so remember them because sadly they too will pass

Sarah said...

Abby, Don't even get me started on Target! (She was a beast while we were there yesterday!) But in answer to your Q, she has a swing that vibrates and plays music too...but it's too big to move. I'm thinking of getting something more portable, which would double nicely for trips to the Grandparents too. But days like today, she just needed her Mommy :)