February 27, 2008

In need of a quick fix

Since I'm a working woman and take a class on Tuesday nights, I find myself about 3 out of 5 nights a week NOT wanting to cook anything time consuming. Now, I have this wonderful machine called a Crock-Pot, brand new, un-used. Recently it dawned on me...I should take advantage of the fact that something could cook dinner for me while I'm working!

Here's the catch...I need recipes!!

So, here's where you come in. What are some of your favorite crock-pot recipes??


Kipn n' Sarah said...

I don't have any recipe's but I do have a crock pot and want to keep reading your blog to get your recipes that you do get. Thanks for this posts help for me too. Now people just need to start giving up those recipes.

King Klan said...

there are cookbooks mafe just for acrok pots. but the best thing we do is taco meat. pork roast 2 cans -mexican tomatos and 1 can green chiles but you still need to warm tortillas and grade cheese and cut lettece add a dolip of sour cream aand mmmmm

Victoria said...

Hey Sarah! I don't have any recipes, 'cause I don't cook! My mom does all of that stuff! But I do like the TV. That's nice! I don't know if you still watch American Idol, but if you do who's your favorite? --Victoria

Mandibulus said...

Oh my...do I have the recipe for you! I make the best pot roast you can imagine in a crock pot. It turns out amazing everytime. Here's how you make it.
1. Sprinkle garlic salt on a chuck roast and brown it in a little bit of oil (you are just sealing in the juices before you let it roast).
2. Put your roast in the crock pot and cover with one package of lipton onion soup mix and one cup of water.
3. Turn your crock pot onto low and cook for 6-8 hours.
4. About 2 hours before your roast is done, add carrots and onion to the crock pot. You could even add potatoes, but I usually make mashed.
5. Eat and enjoy!
6. You can even use the leftover meat for shredded beef tacos, bbq beef sandwiches, etc.

Mandibulus said...

I thought of another one... chili! Just add a variety of can beans you like (pinto, black, whatever) to your crock pot. Add stewed tomatoes, a package of chili seasoning, a chopped onion, and some cooked ground beef. Lately I've been putting some brown sugar in as well which makes it taste AMAZING for some reason. Let all ingredients cook on low for as long as you want. Top with some shredded cheese and you are good to go.