February 5, 2008

Love #5

I'm hungry...can you tell?
Dave introduced me to Moreno's when we first started dating, and i'll admit, I didn't understand what all the to-do was about. But after the second and third try, I found my favorite dish and have been hooked ever since. Plus, we have our favorite waiter Ricardo, who totally knows us. I don't know about you, but I LOVE becoming a regular somewhere and being known. And the perks of complimentary guacamole` with our chips and salsa isn't bad either!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

You are such a hoot, that is how Kip and I are with El Torito, that is "our place" for sure!!! That is where we ate on our second date and we have been hooked ever since.
SO you coming over on Friday??? Can you bring that book? I just finished the Twilight Series and I need something else to read, although Kip would say otherwise. I loved that book though, can't wait to keep reading it.

Em said...

So what is your favorite thing to order there?? : ) We'll have to go soon.

Mandibulus said...

Man, you can't beat good guacamole. Lucky you!