February 16, 2008

Happy <3 Day

For V-Day, I came home from work to find these beautiful flowers on my kitchen table. Dave did good! I also came home to find that Dave had given himself a little Valentine's day present....New Wheels. He's been wanting, and needing, new ones. The old one's had spacers and were making the tires wear un-evenly and a whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo. SO, now we have pretty shiny Foose wheels, thanks to a hook up at his old job. Then we headed out to Lucille's BBQ, where we met up with Leslie, David, Dan and Coco. Lucky us we called ahead and were seated in less than 10 minutes! Genius. Dinner was delish...or at least I'm guessing it was. My taste buds quit working earlier in the day (and still refuse to cooperate and let me taste anything). After our lovely dinner Dave and I finished off our night with a romantic trip to my favorite place, Target! I don't think I've ever seen it so empty! We left with a new candle holder and candle to put on a little table in our hallway. I'll post pictures of my little space when I finish it this week. I hope everyone else had a
great day!


Luvie said...

Hey Hey! What's up Sarah!:) I got 2agree with you, Target is the coolest place on the planet!-Victoria

aLySSa said...

haha hey sarah! i think that is soo CLASSIC that dave bought himself wheels for valentines day! haha i miss you guys!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day and I got some pretty roses when I got home too! Im glad you had a good valantines day and hope to see you guys soon, we had a great time with you!