September 10, 2009

who needs order?

Since i've been quite the lagger on posting the rest of Europe, i'll skip to my favorite place. Roma. aka, Rome. Pretty much amazing. I couldn't believe I was standing IN THE colosseum! I couldn't help but want to come home and become a history major! I loved everything about it. We went to St. Peters Bascilica, the Vatican City, and Colosseum. I'll let pictures speak for themselves about the coolness of it all!!

Amazing ceilings at St. Peters

A pope. Yeah, it's really him. Just with a mask covering his face & hands.


Whitney said...

Im so jealous that you got to go! I loved being in Rome, we walked, and walked, and walked (this sounds like a primary song!) but it was the most beautiful place to be because of all the history behind everything! I really wish we could've gotten to see inside Vatican city though!

Whitney said...

im sorry, im not jealous, im happy that other people get to share the same experiences I got to have, AND wish i could go back!